Motivational Monday with Deputy Barney Fife!

Words of wisdom you need to get you through the week!

Monday has arrived again, and it can be difficult getting back into the groove of the work week. In moments like these, a little pep can go a long way to help start your day on the right foot. 

When Barney Fife is down on his luck, he still knows he's got a job to do. What better way to handle it than to nip it in the bud? Processing paperwork to finish? Nip it in the bud!

Does Sheriff Andy Taylor needs an extra round done in town? Nip it in the bud!  With this saying in his pocket (next to his bullet, of course), there's nothing he can't accomplish.

That's right, folks. When you're just about done with a task and need that final push to get it accomplished, remember this tried-and-true catchphrase from Deputy Fife.

He's your personal police escort through another Monday. 

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harlow1313 58 months ago
I'm not sure this writer quite captures the meaning of the phrase.

I think it has more to do with addressing a problem situation promptly, while it is still small, before it has time to grow larger.
anthony harlow1313 58 months ago
Glad you Nipped that in the bud harlow.👍😋
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