What do you think: What is Barney Fife's real middle name?

We're not sure even Barney Fife knows! Do you?

There's plenty of fun facts to dive into when it comes to the Mayberry community. Characters from the show have a wealth of backstory following them; it's the reason behind why audiences love the show today as they did when it first aired. The more there is to learn, the better the show becomes.

With all of the depth that comes with the world of Mayberry and its inhabitants, there's one small piece that no one can seem to agree on: No one knows Barney Fife's middle name. 

When a show runs as long as The Andy Griffith Show, especially in that era, there are a few minor continuity issues that may fall between the seams. With a plethora of writers working on the script over the years, one of the most notable cases of this issue is that Deputy Fife, the leading character second only to Andy Taylor himself, does not have a consistent middle name. 

There have been plenty of hints of what his middle name or initial could be over the years; some argue that it's "P." with no context for what that stands for. Others say that it is "Tibbs," after Barney believes he is a descendant of Mayberry Revolutionary War hero Nathan Tibbs. In a high school year book, the name "Milton" is printed under his photo but never confirmed. Sheriff Taylor even adds to the list by reckoning, "I thought your middle names was Oliver."

The time has come to put this to bed. You tell us: What do you believe is Barney's Fife's real middle name?

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  1. What is Bernard "Barney" Fife's middle name?

What do you think: What is Barney Fife's real middle name?

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Schfooge 48 months ago
My theory is that Barney was given the middle name Milton by his parents, but he hated that name. So, he would pretend it was something else. Over the years he would claim it was different things. When he gave his name as an one of the authors of a history book, he fancied his preferred middle name as an unknown name beginning with 'P'. Another time, he told Andy it was "Oliver". Later, he was fancying himself as an expert on the historical Tibbs, so he claimed that as his middle name. Likely he went through other supposed middle names that we never heard about.

However, when he was first registered for school, his parents had to present his birth certificate, which had his full legal name on it, and that went into his school records. And that was what his high school went by for their yearbook photos.
LeeHarper 53 months ago
Bernard P. Milton Oliver Fife.

Take your pick.
Schfooge LeeHarper 48 months ago
I like this selection. Having two middle names myself, I have noticed that many people will assume you only have a single middle name.
idkwut2use 53 months ago
I like Milton best, so I'm going with that. ^p^
SHANANA 55 months ago
And of course him and Andy were cousins then not
KerryHeafner 55 months ago
The Cutlass has him as Bernard Milton Fife.
StevenChervinko 57 months ago
AllisonWunderland 57 months ago
Of course it's "P."...Bernard P. Fife, lol
FrankWerhofnik 57 months ago
He had an old history book of his, and he tells How everyone put their name as the author and it says this book belongs to Bernard P. Fife.
Absolutely correct you are...I remember that also
Brian 57 months ago
I seem to remember him saying Barney P. Fife. Way back when I used to watch TV a lot while doing household chores or homework, and that show was often rerun along with many others.

Now I'm wondering... was Barney's Mom's maiden name Piccolo, so maybe that's where Barney's middle-initial P comes from? Think about it a while.

ETristanBooth Brian 57 months ago
Are you suggesting that Barney's mom was related to Jenny Piccolo on Happy Days?
Brian ETristanBooth 57 months ago
Think about the two last names... any connection?
Stephen 57 months ago
50% similar
50% similar to the most popular responses

I picked Milton

Google: In the episode "Class Reunion", Barney's middle name is Milton, though at other times he is called "Bernard P. Fife". In another episode, where he believes he is the descendant of Nathan Tibbs, a Mayberry Revolutionary hero, he says his name is "Barney Tibbs Fife".

JefferyWoods Stephen 41 months ago
Absolutely correct , Sir.
BrownieMom 57 months ago
I picked Milton since it was in the high school yearbook.

100% similar
100% similar to the most popular responses
Jeremy 57 months ago
I have a suggestion for the MeTV staff if they've run out of future quizzes to quiz us on: It has to do with the Muppets, whether they appeared on The Muppet Show, Sesame Street, or even Fraggle Rock. The question is this: Did Jim Henson, the creator of the Muppets, voice this Muppet? You give us the name of any Muppet and we'll try to guess whether Jim Henson was the voice behind it or not.
Tresix Jeremy 57 months ago
I have a quiz suggestion too: "Twilight Zone, Night Gallery, or Both?". List some actors, you have to figure out if they were on only "The Twilight Zone", only "Night Gallery", or were they on both shows.
daDoctah Tresix 57 months ago
I've got one myself, that would lend itself to a single-question "what do *you* think?" quiz that doesn't resolve anything: exactly how were Alan Brady and Mel Cooley related? We heard many times that they were brothers-in-law, but was it because Alan was married to Mel's sister, or because Mel married Alan's sister? I seem to recall hearing The Dick Van Dyke Show suggest both at different times (the way Rob's army buddy might have been named either Sam or Sol, Pomeroy or Pomerantz, depending which episode you watch).
DouglasMorris 57 months ago
I picked: Milton! got: 100% similar!
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