Can you tell who is huggin' and kissin' Sheriff Andy on The Andy Griffith Show?

Romance was in the air in Mayberry.

Mayberry had its fair share of romance. Barney Fife juggled multiple girlfriends. Opie had crushes as he came of age.

Of course, as the central character, Sheriff Andy himself had his fair share of love interests. (Well, not quite on the Seinfeld level.)

We've gathered some tender — and comedic — moments that featured Andy in an embrace on The Andy Griffith Show. See if you can identify the woman in his arms.

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  1. Well, okay, we're starting with the first episode of 'Mayberry R.F.D.' Andy finally got to kiss the bride… but who's the bride?
  2. Who is this hanging on Andy?
  3. Based on the background, you should be able to guess who he's hugging.
  4. Aunt Bee's sister visits in "The Family Visit." She calls Andy "handsome." What was her name?
  5. Goober and Barney are peeping as Andy kisses…?
  6. This "Fun Girl" is hanging all over Andy. What was her name?
  7. Okay, what was the name of the other "Fun Girl"?
  8. Who is he smooching here?
  9. She was kissing Andy in a car in "Three's a Crowd."
  10. She wrapped clutched Andy in a car in "The County Nurse."
  11. Who is kissing Andy here?
  12. Which one of Andy's flames is embracing him here?
  13. This "Guest in the House" made Helen quite jealous.
  14. In "Class Reunion" Andy shares a passionate kiss with his old high-school sweetheart. What was her name?

Can you tell who is huggin' and kissin' Sheriff Andy on The Andy Griffith Show?

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EastIndy24 1 month ago
ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE --- 9 out 14 ...

I'm must be losing it ...
Dario 1 month ago
11 out of 14. 😁😁😁😁😁
joenamath 2 months ago
I cannot believe I am 66 years young and continue to enjoy watching Andy and Barney and all those great characters!
jholton30062 2 months ago
11/14. Enh... I know who they are when I see them on the TV.
Allison 2 months ago
9/14 At least I got all the Helen Crump ones correct lol
MrBill 2 months ago
14/14; easy one for me - I am a big fan of TAGS
Ceecee 2 months ago
I agree, didn't care for helen at all. Such a jealous and insecure person.
Tlor Ceecee 2 months ago
She was so petty, she didn't want to 'marry' she wanted her space in one breath then she would get all upset if he was another woman. So why was that? if you want space you don't confine the guy you semi like... get over it woman!
daDoctah 2 months ago
Did any man ever give Andy a kiss, just to mess with him? I wouldn't have put it past Ernest T Bass.
StevenChervinko 2 months ago
That's a little unkind. However "Peggy" was a drug addict in real life, hard to believe as she was so pretty. Amazing no one here or at MeTV has caught on to who her very famous child is.
It has been discussed before that Tatum O'Neal was her daughter and Ryan was her ex.

She was my favourite of Andy's girlfriends. Loved her accent.
teire 2 months ago
12/14. Helen kissed Andy a lot!
Edward 2 months ago
6 / 14. That's OK. I hate that show almost as bad as mash.
DoubleNaughtSpy Edward 2 months ago
Thank you. Until your post, I thought I was the only denizen of the Golden Age of Television universe who found "The Andy Griffith Show" to be the most overrated of all 1960s sitcoms. After all these years, I still SMH at folks who consider Don Knotts to be a "comic genius." At best, he was a one-trick pony who knew when to jump off the ship when his shtick became annoying. At worst, he descended into a garishly-dressed creature of self-parody on "Three's Company."
sableonblonde Edward 1 month ago
Is there ANYTHING in the cosmos that you DON'T "hate"?????? You are one miserable, negative creature.
john 2 months ago
I wish I could make out with Peggy McMillan she's a babe.
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