Here's a real letter Shirley Temple wrote to Santa in 1936

Sing along! "Yes, that's what I want for Christmas."

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Shirley Temple is perhaps the most famous child actor of all time, charming audiences of all ages from the 1930s on with her bouncy curls, adorable costumes and delightful talents. She's practically as timeless as our favorite Christmas traditions.

As a young kid who we must assume easily always landed on Santa's "nice" list, it makes sense that the pint-sized star would honor that time-honored tradition of writing a letter to Saint Nick. Today, we came across one of her actual letters, and we have to say her Christmas wish that she shared with the jolly old elf is as precious as you likely imagined. Read the letter she wrote in 1936 below.

Associated Press

On that note, here's an extra special Christmas bonus for Shirley Temple fans. Below is a clip from a Shirley Temple movie that came out the same year she wrote this letter and perhaps even taught Shirley the lesson she shares in her note to Santa. In The Stowaway, Shirley sings that humble Christmas classic "That's What I Want for Christmas."

Here's wishing your holidays will be this adorable!

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