Complete your vintage Christmas wish list and we'll guess your age

Take your picks from some of the hottest toys of all time.


For some kids, making a Christmas wish list meant grubbing up your mom's Sears Christmas Wishbook, circling the toys you wanted most. For others, it was the traditional letter to Santa, slyly intercepted and interpreted by earnest parents everywhere who tried to make Christmas morning as magical as possible.

Here, we've collected some of the hottest toys of all time to give you a chance to revisit Christmas mornings past. 

Take the quiz below and complete your ultimate Christmas wish list, and we think we can figure out your answer to one of Santa's most-asked questions: "Ho, Ho, Ho, and how old are you?"
  1. You're thinking about asking Santa for something to entertain your friends during sleepovers. Which board game would you pick?
  2. Your wishlist just got a little more creative. Which toy would you pick to express your artistic side?
  3. Your parents say you can't have a real pet just yet. So, which toy pet do you ask Santa for instead?
  4. Go for the big ask. Which video game system do you remember wanting the most?
  5. Which doll would you ask Santa for, then carry with you everywhere?
  6. On Christmas, the family's all together. What toy would you most want that's fun for the whole group?
  7. Here's a tough choice for action figure enthusiasts. Which of these figures would you most want to appear under your tree?
  8. Let's rev your wishlist up a bit. Which toy car would get your heart racing on Christmas morning?
  9. Don't forget to ask for the one thing that EVERYBODY wants. Which super-trendy toy would you most want to own again?
  10. Final question is a sort of physical challenge: Which of these toys would get you running out the door to play with it the moment you opened it?

Complete your vintage Christmas wish list and we'll guess your age

Your Result...

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annabelgoddard 29 months ago
I just saw the thing from "DerekBird", and now I am thinking, am I the only person that is 11 years old enjoying MeTV? I also got 58, soo... not the most accurate, but they probably only put numbers over 40 in there...
DerekBird 30 months ago
You got 58 YEARS OLD. I'm about to turn 57 in 18 days... so very close but I never had a doll and the only Action Figures I had were Big Jim and Evel Knievel. Since they weren't options I chose the only one that I would have played with out of those choices.
Miss_Kitty 30 months ago
58 years old....because you showed me stuff that was popular for little kids when I was already a didn't show anything most kids over 60 would be interested in..... where're the Barbie dolls, the 'Date Game', transistor radios......I'm 70.....I wasn't even mildly interested in any of this except Monopoly and even then, I was 8 or 9 years old by the time we got one of those. I WAS the neighborhood winner of the hula hoop I guess you got that part right for me.
Snickers 33 months ago
Said I was 45, I'm 64. Remember wanting G. I. Joes for christmas.
ScoobyDoo169 36 months ago
I wish I could go back to that time when all those cool toys were out. The bike was my favorite on the whole thing. I love Christmastime!
Boobook 37 months ago
Only off by 2yrs I just turned 60yrs
LavaGlitter 41 months ago
Soo Close By one year Way cool!
idkwut2use 42 months ago
58? Nay, 33! But OMG, this was soooo hard.

-It was tough to choose among Trouble, Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, & Connect Four. All fun games.
-Went with Magna Doodle, though Magic Slate & Etch-a-Sketch were fun too. I might've briefly had a Light Brite...dunno why I don't remember that one as well.
-Puppy Surprise for sure. I notice somebody "lost" our Christmas Furby...
-Said pinball because that's different and my grandma got me a really cool one for a birthday or Xmas when I was much younger. Still have it. But of course I love Nintendo, Playstation, Xbox, etc. My brothers have all those consoles so I've played/watched all them fun vidja games. ^p^
-I am O B S E S S E D with the original Polly Pocket (not the one you used in your image!!) However, that troll's house looks so much like my Barbie dreamhouse/apartment tree ornament. :O
-Hmmm, Twister or Jenga? Or the 8 ball? I tried twice & went with my second choices; both times came out to 58. xD
-Power Rangers vs. TMNT...PR won.
-Wow, thanks for clearing up the differences for me among How Wheels, Matchbox cars, & Micro Machines! I've always used those names interchangeably! But I had to go with Power Wheels. I had a pink Barbie convertible and my bro had a red Jeep like our real one (which they later painted blue...or wait, was it the other way around?)
-Play-Doh is awesome (especially some of the old molds I had, like the sub sandwich set), but that question is a war between Creepy Crawlers & Shrinky Dinks!! I made soooo many Crawlers, and a precious few Disney Dinks w/ my grandpa...only have one or two left now...also my friend had a Shrinky Dink board game and we made some at my house. xD
-Had/have all those, except the wheelie bike; mine was just a regular (awesome) Schwinn. Could never get the hang of the pogo. I'm great at hula-hooping and Skipping-It and do currently own those. Still got roller blades but not a skateboard, I don't think...not sure about skates...we might still have the scooter(s)...ahhh, memories. Anyway. Picked Skip-It.
melanieofoz 42 months ago
WOW this is the first time it got it right. My age exactly.
kimmer 47 months ago
It thinks 58....not bad I'm almost I'm
BobD 50 months ago
You got 58 years old

Close. I'm 61.
Question #3 does not apply to me!
Igaveyoumyfakename 53 months ago
It only missed my age by 26 years. LMAO!
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