Clint Eastwood is the owner of a stunning 22-acre ranch in California

The Mission Ranch Hotel and Restaurant was rescued by the Rawhide star in the 1980s.

AP Photo / Paul Sakuma

There's a saying that goes, "Don't take your work home with you." For most, this means leaving the toils of the day in their workplace. For an actor, this should mean leaving your character on the set.

Former Rawhide cowboy Clint Eastwood just couldn’t take this advice and decided that while he may not want to steer cattle, there was nothing wrong with having a few dozen sheep in his life.

The star is the owner of the Mission Ranch Hotel and Restaurant, a 22-acre stretch of land in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California. According to the website for the hotel, "Eastwood rescued this landmark resort from condo developers, and renovated the entire property to provide a unique resort experience."

In the 1980s, some wanted to have the space torn down and replaced with stacks of condominiums. Eastwood, however, wouldn’t let that happen. According to the Mission Ranch website, "He sought out the best craftsmen for renovation who have replicated moldings, doorframes and hardware to match the style of the original buildings. Each structure reflects a different architectural period: from the 1840's feel of the restaurant and dance barn to the century-old Martin Farmhouse and Bunkhouse."

His effort to restore the ranch to glory has shined a spotlight on the property. In the 1850s, the ranch transformed into one of California’s first dairy farms, producing products like cheese and butter for the entire county. This inspired the installation of a restaurant, where locals could enjoy the spoils of the ranch in its many forms. The owners of the time even used the land for farming potatoes, helping to supply and feed the Sierra gold miners.

During World War II, the ranch acted as a private club for Army and Navy officers. Despite the windows being blacked out to protect from any enemy invasion, the ranch had a strong reputation for hosting some of the best dances and the best bar in the area

The ranch is home to 31 hotel rooms, an on-site restaurant, and a healthy herd of sheep that are visible throughout the guests' visit. That certainly beats a bunch of 1980s condos. Overall, it's likely a much more comfortable situation than Rowdy Yates ever got!

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