Classic TV stars reveal their favorite episodes of their own hit shows

According to Opie, this Andy Griffith Show episode was a home run.

The Everett Collection

We all cherish our favorite shows, especially those we've loved for decades, and within these classic shows, there's always those episodes that stand out as the series' very best.

So it figures that the TV stars who poured their talents into making these shows sing have their own favorite episodes, too, and it's always fun to find out which ones stick out for the stars.

Below, we've scoured interviews to root out some of the biggest names that ever flew across our TV sets as they discuss their favorite episodes, so you can leap between hit shows like I Love Lucy, M*A*S*H and The Brady Bunch and flip photos to reveal the episode these leading ladies and men loved most.

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Russ 47 months ago
Lucy's Veta Vita Vegimin skit was an obvious copy of Red Skelton's Guzzler's Gin skit which predated hers.
RedjacArbez 63 months ago
Not true...Shatner said it was "The Devil in the Dark"
HIs dad died during filming.
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