14 vintage ads with creepy children that will make you laugh out loud

You may also have nightmares, too.

What were these advertisers thinking by putting these children in print? We're not sure if these creepy children helped sell any products, but they sure do give us a good laugh.

1. Someone is a little too excited for her bread and jam. 

2. Is he a ghost or a demon? Whoever he is, he can't wait for his green beans. 

3. It's ketchup that gives your child a sunburn. 

4. This girl is hamming it up for some ham. 

5. This boy looks like he's part excited, part scared for his new Schwinn bike. 

6. Another ad, another demon child. 

7. If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, this kid looks like he needs to eat about 100 apples. 

8. A sunlamp or an interrogation room? 

9. Is that really ginger ale in there? 

10. When the world is taken over by dolls:

11. Is she a Patty Play Pal, too? 

12. Promoting childhood obesity. 

13. Are these quintuplets having a séance? 

14. Something about these quintuplets really freaks us out. 

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SheriHeffner 69 months ago
The poor Dionne Quintuplets were forced into doing a lot of publicity. First they were separated from their own family at the ages of two months old and then after a lot of trials, they were reunited with their family at the ages of nine and then their brothers and sisters were jealous of them and later on the remaining girls wrote a book telling how their father and their eldest brother molested them. Marie, who was the smallest of the five was treated the worst. Her mother called her stupid and cross eyed and since she was left handed she tried to force Marie into writing and using her right hand. None of the married sister stayed married and Emile died at the age of eighteen from a seizure. She was diagnosed at the age of twelve with epilepsy. And Marie died at the age of thirty from a heart attack. One of the sister never married, as far as I know, there are only two remaining sisters.
ImdaPrincesse SheriHeffner 67 months ago
Now I have to find out more..
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