MeTV Schedule For Washington D.C., DC

Kate's Bachelor Butter (s2, ep10)
When Charley and Floyd stop the Cannonball to pick apples for Kate's bachelor butter recipe, a passenger and food salesman, Jack Crandall, is shocked.
Mother Of The Bride (s2, ep11)
Kate is shocked to hear a rumor that Billie Jo has become engaged to Dan Plout, the son of her arch enemy, Selma Plout.
Cousin Roy In Movieland (s7, ep18)
Cousin Roy is working on his album, with the Clampetts’ support. The clan is still hoping that Jethro, the self-proclaimed biggest talent agent in the business, will represent Roy, but the flesh peddler still isn’t interested. Drysdale is still trying to get him off the fifth floor of the bank. To collect rent, Drysdale tries to get Jed to back Jethro by telling him he's decided to back Roy.
Jed Clampett Enterprises (s7, ep19)
Drysdale evicts Mr. Show Business, the Boy Genius of Hollywood, Jethro, and his talent agency, from the fifth floor of the bank building and, so he can collect his $5,000-a-month rent, rents it to Jed, who, along with Granny, turns it into a combination wood shop/dentist office/hospital/barber shop/and pet shop.
Popeye Meets Hercules, Toreadorable, Mutiny Ain’t Nice, We're On Our Way To Rio, Parlez Vous Woo, Popeye's Mirthday, Gym Jam
"Popeye challenges Hercules., When Olive is impressed by toreador Bluto at a bullfight, Popeye steps in the ring to fight the bull himself., As Popeye's ship prepares to sail, Olive falls into a trunk and is carried aboard unnoticed., Popeye and Bluto travel to Rio where they meet Olive., Bluto dons a disguise to woo Olive., Popeye's nephews try to keep him out of the house so his surprise party isn't spoiled before it's ready., Bluto dresses as a woman to pursue Olive at woman's only day at the gym."
The Tom and Jerry Show
Jerry And Jumbo, The Dot And The Line, Little Quacker, Three Little Pups, Dance Of The Weed, Cueball Cat
"A baby elephant pretends to be a giant mouse to help Jerry., A simple line attempts to woo his true love, a dot, away from the unkempt squiggle she prefers., Jerry saves a baby duck from Tom as the cat prepares to eat it., Droopy and his two brothers, Snoopy and Loopy, try to keep a dog catching wolf out of their home., A male weed tries to court a female flower by dancing with her but he is a little too clumsy., When Tom uses Jerry as a ball in the poolroom, Jerry decides to do it back to him."
French Rarebit, Soup Or Sonic, A Star Is Bored, Last Hungry Cat, Daffy Flies North, Super Rabbit
"Bugs falls out of a crate of U.S.A. carrots in Gay Paree. Two French chefs from opposite restaurants are so eager to get rabbit for their dinner menu they don't realize that Bugs is making a fool out of both of them., The Coyote chases the Roadrunner all over the desert and ends up tiny. , Daffy Duck is jealous of Bugs Bunny's stardom. He demands to be put into a film and lands a role as Bugs' stunt double. , In Hitchcock form this cartoon follows Sylvester after he thinks he has killed Tweety., Daffy needs to go south, but he doesn't want to fly. Instead he tries to find alternate means of getting there. , A spoof of Superman with Bugs Bunny as Super Rabbit. "
The Night Of The Gypsy Peril (s2, ep18)
West and Gordon are escorting the Sultan of Ramapur and his gift to the President, a sacred white elephant. Bandits intercept the train and steal the elephant, and the Sultan demands one million dollars in recompense. West follows the trail to a gypsy camp but it soon turns out not everything is what it seems.
The Daniel Clay Story (s5, ep21)
"Judge Clay and his family join the wagon train. He has a reputation for cleaning up frontier towns, but his fanatical attention to the law sees him ostracized as often as he is praised. He must face this when his son must be tried by him."
Day Of The Comet (s2, ep15)
Audra befriends a man she finds camping out on Barkley land; she is intrigued by his cynical, poetic manner, and learns he is being pursued by men from his past.
The Widow And The Rogue (s19, ep7)
James Stacy stars as a roguish thief who's long on charm but a bit short on ethics. His real test of character comes on a long, adversity-plagued journey to Dodge with his captor, Festus.
The Long Night (s3, ep32)
When Adam is ambushed by an escaped convict who forces him to swap clothes, it isn't long before a posse is on Adam's trail. To make matters worse, the posse leader knows it is Adam, but wants to see him hang just the same.
Incident Of The Broken Word (s3, ep11)
Ben Foley resorts to murder to hide the fact that the cattle he is selling to Favor are diseased.
Have Gun, Will Travel
High Wire (s1, ep8)
A hobo who was once a circus performer bets a gambler that he can walk across the saloon on a tightrope. When Paladin sees that the gambler intends to cheat, he decides to help even the odds.
The Legend (s1, ep27)
A man with unwavering faith in a legend about lost treasure hires Josh to lead his family on an expedition into the desert to locate the cache of Spanish gold.
The Hero (s2, ep19)
After a young stablehand kills a notorious gunslinger, he is baffled by the hostility of the townspeople.
The Horse Traders (s2, ep20)
When a horse dealer transporting a prize stallion stops in North Fork, two saddle tramps try to use trickery to obtain it.
Punch Drunks, Flatfoot Stooges, Busy Buddies, Fright Night, Wee Wee Monsieur, Booby Dupes
"Moe is a boxing promoter looking for a good fighter. , Moe, Larry and Curly take care of the horses. , The Stooges are three fish peddlers who decide to cut out the middleman by catching their own fish. They trade their car and $300 for a "new" boat, which turns out to be a piece of junk that soon falls apart and sinks in the middle of the ocean. Luckily the boys also have a rowboat, which they climb into and then try to signal some passing planes for help. Unfortunately, their paint-spattered rag is mistaken for a Japanese flag and they are bombed from the sky. , The Stooges run a small restaurant, and must come up with some quick money to pay off a pie dealer whose wares they ruined. They enter Curly in a milking contest at the county fair, but his technique leaves something to be desired, and he quickly falls behind the champ. Moe and try to help by putting on a cow suit and pouring milk from a concealed bottle, but when their cheating is exposed, they must leave on the run. , The Stooges are managers of "Chopper", a beefy boxer, and they bet their bankroll on his next fight. When a gangster tells them to have Chopper lose or they'll lose their lives, the boys decide to play along. They try to soften Chopper up by feeding him rich food and having him spend time with their friend Kitty. The fight gets canceled when Kitty dumps Chopper for his opponent and the two boxers engage in some pre-match fisticuffs that result in a broken hand for the opponent. The Stooges think they've put one over on the gangsters, only to have the bad guys corner them in a deserted warehouse. Instead of being rubbed out, the boys capture the crooks and get a reward. , Paris is for loveres, and for the Three Stooges, as struggling artists who paint themselves into a cornerwhenthey try to rescue a military captain from kidnappers. "
The Killer Shrews
"As a hurricane approaches, a group of people must band together when shrews attack."
The Penguin's A Jinx (s1, ep4)
Batman and Robin accompany a bored actress, fearful the Penguin will kidnap her, something he only plans to do after eavesdropping on the Dynamic Duo.
Wink Of An Eye (s3, ep11)
Members of a landing party investigating planet Scalos begin to vanish one by one.
The Zombie (s1, ep2)
A grandmother seeks revenge for her grandson's death by turning him into a zombie to do her bidding.
Space Creature
"A strange blue fog seems to be engulfing the Jupiter 2 periodically. Dr. Smith and Will comment separately that they want to be left alone. When the members of the Jupiter 2 begin to randomly disappear as the fog comes, Dr. Smith thinks he is to blame. Eventually Will discovers a strange creature which takes over Dr. Smith. The creature tells Will that he is his own Id. Will finds out his Id is a creature he created full of Will's own personal demons, thoughts, feelings and insecurities. Will defeats the creature by overcoming his "fears" and throws the powerless creature in the power core. The members of his family are returned."
The Return Of The Phantom (s2, ep26)
The phantom returns from the dead in a renewed attempt to capture Commander Crane's body.
Shell Game (s1, ep25)
A deaf boy tracks Fitzhugh to the Spindrift and takes it home to the seafront community where he lives. The Earthlings must recover it, and their only bargaining chip is their advanced knowledge with which they can build a hearing aid for the boy.
Visitors From Beyond The Stars (s1, ep18)
In 1885 Arizona, aliens force Tony and Doug to help them deplete the Earth's protein foodstuffs.