Are these horror movies or The Rifleman episodes?

Tell us which is which for a chance at victory!


Sometimes, the Wild West can be a ghost town or worse. When the crypt doors creak and the tombstones quake, you know there's trouble in North Fork.

The Rifleman has some pretty spooky episode titles, and one wouldn't be blamed for confusing them with horror movies. That's why we made this tricky quiz only for Lucas McCain experts. Fear not, though! Maybe you're a horror movie authority! In that case, you'll still have a path to success. Take a guess, pick your answer and scare (oops, share) your answer in the comments section below!

Each option is either an episode of The Rifleman or a horror movie. You pick!

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  1. "Eight Hours to Die"
  2. "Bone Tomahawk"
  3. "High Tension"
  4. "The Deadly Wait"
  5. "Three-Legged Terror"
  6. "Ravenous"
  7. "Day of the Hunter"
  8. "Night of the Hunter"
  9. "The Silent Knife"
  10. "The Prowler"
  11. "Dark Day At North Fork"
  12. "The Lonesome Bride"
  13. "Quiet Fear"
  14. "Day Of Reckoning"
  15. "Seven"

Are these horror movies or The Rifleman episodes?

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DJDAVE 9 months ago
9/15. Thought I would ace it! Guess I was wrong!
iluvwesterns 11 months ago
13/15. The Rifleman was one of my favorites as a kid.
MAPS 11 months ago
One of the ones was
the one with both
Horror and R.M.
When I was a nipper I
Loved to watch and try to draw faster than The R/M
Up in PA western part where the floods were.
SoCal72 11 months ago
10/15. The one that confused me was "High Tension." There is an episode called, "Tension," starring Chuck Connors' real-life son, Jeff, along with Jack Elam and Harry Dean Stanton.
mzcaligula 11 months ago
12/15! I’m a horror fan — never seen The Rifleman
wbodine112 11 months ago
I've never watched "The Rifleman--only reason I did so well is because I knew which ones were horror movies! I only beefed on 2--never heard of "The Prowler" horror movie (and I thought I knew all of them!), and I didn't know about the Rifleman episode called "Seven".
GTStang08 11 months ago
15/15...Well, knowing my Rifleman episodes and having seen "Seven", the movie, also helped.

These two...what ah match!
jonethree 11 months ago
7/15 didn’t watch the show much. My pop said he should use the rifle for a crutch because he never uses it.
JoshWittenberg 11 months ago
"Bone Tomahawk" is from 2015, and isn't a Sam Raimi film. Raimi's 1995 western is "The Quick And The Dead."
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