Toon In With Me

One Full Hour

Weekdays at 7 AM

eastern (on most MeTV stations)
MeTV's Toon In With Me is an original weekday hosted morning show for audiences of all ages. The show will brighten everyone's day by combining witty original characters, quick comedy sketches, surprises and more. It all leads into many of the greatest classic theatrical cartoon shorts ever made, from Warner Bros., MGM and beyond, starring Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, the Road Runner, Elmer Fudd, Sylvester, Tweety, Tom & Jerry, Droopy Dog, Popeye, and many more.

Next Airings

  • 3/9 7:00AMHillbilly Hare, Posse Cat, Musical Mountaineers, Hare Trigger, Raw! Raw! Rooster (1956)
    "Bugs makes a wrong turn and ends up in the Ozarks where he meets the end-barrels of two hillbillies., Tom must get rid of Jerry or he won't be getting any more food while he is on the ranch., Betty Boop runs out of gas in a hillbilly town., Sam holds-up a train and challenges Bugs to draw a gun., An old college friend Rhode Island Red decides to pay Foggy a visit. "
  • 3/10 7:00AMHoppy Daze (1961), Bill Of Hare (1962), The Fistic Mystic, So Does An Automobile, Conrad The Sailor
    "Sylvester gets coaching for mouse catching, but it turns out he chose the wrong place to practice because it's Hippety Hopper's territory. , Bugs is interrupted from his dinner cooking when Taz breaks loose on the pier and tries to eat the rabbit. Bugs outwits Taz and convinces Taz that he should eat moose, the two then go off hunting... , Popeye matches his energy-packed can of spinach against the super-natural powers of an oriental mystic., Betty Boop runs a car hospital., Daffy gives Conrad Cat a hard time on board the deck of a navy ship. Conrad Cat gives chase to Daffy. "
  • 3/11 7:00AMLickety-splat (1961), Stupor Salesman, The (1948), Ghosks Is the Bunk, Bird In A Guilty Cage (1952), Downbeat Bear
    "The Coyote tries to catch the Road Runner but never gets a chance because all his pranks to catch the Road Runner end up hurting him. , When notorious bank robber Slug McSlug escapes the police dragnet by hiding out in an abandoned country house, he is visited by salesman Daffy Duck, who is absolutely determined to sell him something. , Bluto lures Popeye and Olive to a haunted house., Mannequins and clothes go flying in this Sylvester and Tweety chase in a department store. , A dancing bear, who escaped from a circus, uses Tom as his reluctant dance partner."
*available in most MeTV markets