Toon In With Me

One Full Hour

Weekdays at 7 AM

eastern (on most MeTV stations)
MeTV's Toon In With Me is an original weekday hosted morning show for audiences of all ages. The show will brighten everyone's day by combining witty original characters, quick comedy sketches, surprises and more. It all leads into many of the greatest classic theatrical cartoon shorts ever made, from Warner Bros., MGM and beyond, starring Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, the Road Runner, Elmer Fudd, Sylvester, Tweety, Tom & Jerry, Droopy Dog, Popeye, and many more.

Next Airings

  • 4/12 7:00AMLighter Than Hare (1960), Cueball Cat, Bear Raid Warden, Don't Axe Me (1958), I’m In the Army Now
    "Sam sends his robot to Earth to capture Bugs in his home, a trash dump. , When Tom uses Jerry as a ball in the poolroom, Jerry decides to do it back to him., Barney is the local air raid warden and he has trouble with both an owl and a firefly that wake him up and make his patrol difficult., Daffy and the dog get in a fight over food at Elmer Fudd's farm. Daffy swipes the dog's hambone, and the dog tries to get even by suggesting to the farmer's wife to want duck for dinner. , After seeing Olive Oyl gaze spellbound at an Army poster picturing a handsome uniformed soldier, both Popeye and Bluto try to enlist."
  • 4/13 7:00AMTransylvania 6-5000 (1963), From A to Z-Z-Z-Z, Super Snooper (1952), King Size Canary, Deputy Droopy
    "While tunneling to Pittsburgh, Bugs Bunny mistakenly surfaces in Transylvania and meets a vampire named Count Bloodcount. , Another episode with Ralph Phillips and all his daydreaming fantasies. He fights math problems on the chalkboard, becomes part of the pony express escaping Indians and flies like a bird., A private eye movie parody featuring Detective Duck Drake. , A hungry cat uses some “Jumbo Gro” on a scrawny canary to plump him up but soon all the domestic pets are using the elixir to grow big., Droopy does his best to stop two villains trying to steal gold from a safe in the Sheriff's office."
  • 4/14 7:00AMNo, No, A Thousand Times No, Mouse-placed Kitten (1959), Scarlet Pumpernickel, The (1950), Feline Frame-up (1954), The Shooting of Dan Mcgoo
    "Betty Boop and Freddie appear on stage in a melodrama., Matilda and Clyde, a mouse couple, adopt a baby cat who was left out on the street. , Sick of doing comedy Daffy finally gets a dramatic role. The movie is about a swashbuckler who must battle the bad guys while saving his lady fair. , Marc Anthony gets trouble when Claude Cat frames him trying to eat Pussyfoot. As soon as Marc Anthony gets kicked out, Claude Cat proceeds with images of kitten torture and it's up to Marc to save the kitten. , Droopy is Dangerous Dan McGoo who has to win the love of his life from a wolf who wants her for himself."
*available in most MeTV markets