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Billie Jo And The Big Big Star (s6, ep16)
To help her new boyfriend, comedian Rick Wayne, win over the folks of Hooterville, Billie Jo gets him to star in a local charity radio show. However, when she learns his routine won't help him make friends, it's up to Billie Jo to get Rick to change his act.
Steve's New Job (s6, ep17)
To go to New York or not to go to New York—that is the question faced by Steve and Betty Jo after Steve gets a big job offer.
Your New Jersey
Local Scheduled Programming (s8, ep15)
New Jersey Politics
Local Scheduled Programming (s8, ep16)
Ghosks Is The Bunk, Pest Pilot, Adventures Of Popeye, Let’s Get Movin’, Pink In The Clink, Hurts And Flowers, The Pink Quarterback
"Bluto lures Popeye and Olive to a haunted house., Popeye has trouble when Pappy wants to learn to fly a plane., In this combination of photography and cartoons, a little boy is bullied for reading POPEYE books., Olive Oyl is moving and Popeye shows up to help., The Pink Panther is forced by a burglar to help him crack a safe., No matter what evil "weed" Rattfink does to hippie flower child Roland, he is rewarded with a flower., The Pink Panther tries to recover his lost quarter."
The Tom and Jerry Show
Pecos Pest, Unwelcome Guest, Tom Turkey And His Harmonica Humdinger, Puppy Tale, Billy Boy, Hound Hunters, Hic Cup Pup
"Jerry's Uncle Pecos keeps having his guitar strings snapped so Tom keeps losing his whiskers to replace them., Barney Bear has an encounter with a skunk while picking berries for a snack and can't get away from it., Tom Turkey and a group of other harmonica players get into a jam session that tears up the local general store., Jerry rescues some puppies and Tom doesn't want the one that followed him home around., A baby goat, at first, is a farmer's delight but that quickly changes when he discovers that it eats everything., The hoboes George and Junior try to get jobs as dog-catchers but one of them is afraid of dogs., Tom must help the bulldog and his pup cure a case of the hiccups."
Hare-breadth Hurry, Love And Curses, Hare Brush, Boyhood Daze, Page Miss Glory (aka Miss Glory), Tortoise Beats Hare
"The Coyote chases a speeding cloud that turns out to be Bugs Bunny! , Roger St. Clair kidnapped Emily years ago forcing Harold to go after her. Harold rescued her but Roger is still looking for her today. , Bugs believes he’s a human and goes hunting for Elmer Fudd who believes he’s a rabbit. , Ralph Phillips imagination in class sends him off into space where he embarks on a great adventure that includes a climactic battle with Martians., A bellhop dreams he has to page Miss Glory at a first class hotel in New York., Bugs Bunny challenges Cecil Turtle to a race. "
Trail West To Fury (s1, ep21)
The open range is home for the brothers Maverick, who are searching for the one man who can clear them of murder.
The Hobie Redman Story (s5, ep16)
"When three wagons are late in the desert, Chris sends Duke to find them and bring them to the wagon train as the train cannot wait for them. It may be a suicide mission due to water holes drying up and the missing people's personal issues."
Boots With My Father's Name (s1, ep3)
Victoria starts brooding about how Tom could truly love her if he was unfaithful and fathered a bastard child. She journeys to Heath’s hometown to try to find the truth about Tom’s relationship with Heath’s mother.
Crooked Mile (s10, ep2)
A girl's whip-wielding father does not approve of her romance with Quint.
Check Rein (s9, ep12)
An injured rancher enlists the aid of the Cartwrights to buy back one of his horses after his farm is foreclosed. If that's not bad enough, the rancher must also avoid getting killed by his ruthless uncle, who will stop at nothing to gain full control of the ranch.
Incident Of The Day Of The Dead (s2, ep1)
Rowdy goes to town to pick up the mail for the men and stops a runaway horse. Luisa, a rancher, sees it and tries to get Rowdy to work for her.
Have Gun, Will Travel
Pandora's Box (s5, ep36)
A Cabinet official hires Paladin to find his son, wanted for murder.
One Mother Too Many (s3, ep11)
Josh is hired by widow Beth to find her runaway son, who is currently in the care of her vindictive mother-in-law.
The Hero (s2, ep19)
After a young stablehand kills a notorious gunslinger, he is baffled by the hostility of the townspeople.
The Horse Traders (s2, ep20)
When a horse dealer transporting a prize stallion stops in North Fork, two saddle tramps try to use trickery to obtain it.
Three Little Beers, So Long Mr. Chumps, Space Ship Sappy, Back From The Front, Missed Fortune, Tricky Dicks
"The Stooges are inept deliverymen at a brewery. , Larry, Moe and Curly are on a quest to find an honest man. And they finally find one - in jail!  , An eccentric scientist tricks the stooges into joining himself and his daughter on an expedition to Venus., Moe, Larry and Curly become sailors and go to sea. And the Three Stooges as sailors are really something to see - and laugh about. When their ship is sunk by a nazi cruiser the boys are taken aboard by the enemy and in their own wild and zany way they end up - after some pretty funny and weird happenings, in capturing the entire ship. , Shemp wins $50,000 in a radio contest and the Stooges move into the Hotel Costa Plente where they live it up and wreck their fancy suite. While they wait for the prize money to arrive, the boys are pursued by three gold-digging dames after their winnings. When the check arrives however, it's only for $4.85 after tax deductions. [Basically a remake of "Healthy, Wealthy and Dumb".] , The Stooges are policemen on the trail of a murderer. They unsuccessfully interrogate an Italian organ grinder, among other suspects, and then catch the bad guy after a gunfight that nearly destroys the police station. "
The Curse Of Frankenstein
"Victor Frankenstein builds a creature and brings it to life, but it behaves not as he intended."
Fine Finny Fiends (s1, ep33)
The Penguin kidnaps Alfred Pennyworth and brainwashes him to help rob the Multimillionaires' Annual Award Dinner. Later, Batman and Robin are puzzled by Alfred's behavior.
Batman Makes The Scene (s1, ep34)
Believing the Dynamic Duo has been finished off, the pudgy purveyor of perfidy and his finks quickly dash to establish their "alibis." Meanwhile, Batman has been able to reach the emergency tank of Batoxygen in his utility belt.
This Side Of Paradise (s1, ep24)
The Enterprise crew is trapped in paradise when they come to rescue colonists who have fallen to pacifying alien spores and become infected themselves.
The Sentry (s1, ep20)
A lizard-man creature kills subterranean workers who have stolen its eggs.
A Change Of Space (s1, ep28)
The Intergalactic Delivery Service comes to Priplanus. Once again Dr. Smith seeks transportation and has Will "test drive" the spaceship. Will returns much smarter than when he left. Smith realizing the same could happen to him, the increase of intellect, boards the spaceship. His trip, however, ends in his rapid aging and subsequent impending death. To make matters worse, the owner of the spaceship has returned to take the vehicle back, stranding Will and Dr. Smith in their altered state.
The Last Battle (s1, ep17)
Admiral Nelson is captured by a group of die-hard Nazis bent on destroying the United States and Russia.
Chamber Of Fear (s2, ep9)
Diamond thieves take refuge in a wax museum, and Fitzhugh and Barry are caught in the middle.
The Last Patrol (s1, ep5)
Tony and Doug are charged with espionage when they land in Louisiana just before the battle of New Orleans.