Can you spot the scene that does NOT belong on The Brady Bunch?

Survey scenes to pick the one that doesn't fit in the super-'70s Brady home.

You've been inside The Brady Bunch house time and again watching and rewatching classic episodes. That's why for many fans, you know each room of the Brady home inside out.

Or do you? Below, we've snipped out scenes from every room in the Brady house to test your eye for Carol and Mike's interior decorating.

Think you can pick out the scene from a different '70s show every time? Take the quiz now and find out! Only the biggest Brady fans can nail 6/8 rooms. Good luck!
  1. Pulling up to the Brady house now. Which of these scenes is NOT a view you'd see in the Brady Bunch yard?
  2. All right, head through that famous front Brady entryway and take in the living room. Which scene does not belong?
  3. Who could resist bounding up those Brady stairs next? Let's go to the boys' room first. Which scene does not belong?
  4. Next stop: the girls' room. Which pink scene does not belong?
  5. Alice just called everybody down for dinner, so let's check out the kitchen. Which scene does not belong?
  6. After dinner, the Brady Bunch family room is a great spot to wind down. Which scene does not belong?
  7. Mike's study is normally off limits, but let's take a peek inside anyway. Which scene does not belong?
  8. All right, last question is all about moving about the Brady house. To get around, there's the front door, the main stairs and the sliding glass doors that go out to the yard. Which one of these scenes does not belong?
Can you spot the scene that does NOT belong on The Brady Bunch?

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