Why are Wally and Beaver dressed up in these images?

Can you recall why Wally and the Beaver are looking dapper in these photos?

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The Beaver and his brother Wally could often been seen in a collared shirt or a polo, a common getup for the time period in which Leave It to Beaver took place. 

It was never a shock to see Wally or Beaver dressed up in a suit or even a tuxedo from time to time either. From sporting banquets to school dances or even court appearances, the Cleaver boys cleaned up nicely. 

Do you know why, based on images alone, Wally and/or Beaver are dressed up? 

Gee, we hope you get a good score! 

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  1. Beaver is hesitant to stand up in this suit at...
  2. Here, Wally is dressed up for a...
  3. Here, Wally and Beaver are dressed up when they have a visitor for dinner. Who was the visitor?
  4. Beaver goes suit shopping with Wally, without Ward. He picks out this loud suit for...
  5. Beaver is late for an event in which he needs this suit laid out on his bed. To make matters worse, he "fell down in a new road" and needed a bath. Where is he going?
  6. What job does Wally have to dress up for in this image?
  7. Wally and Eddie are headed out, without Beaver, in these suits. Can you recall where they're going?
  8. In this scene, Wally approaches a porch in a suit to...

Why are Wally and Beaver dressed up in these images?

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Craigg 10 months ago
Your score: 7 out of 8
Does your score happen to be as nice as a compliment from Eddie Haskell?
ncadams27 10 months ago
Then there was the episode where June sent Beaver’s baby picture to school where he was in his birthday suit.
LoveMETV22 ncadams27 10 months ago
Then there was the episode where Aunt Martha sent Beaver to school in a Lord Fauntleroy suit.

Poor Beaver really got teased in that episode.😢
ma2lyssa LoveMETV22 10 months ago
..and Ward was going to step in and put a stop to it until June called home and said "please be nice to Aunt Martha, she was like a mother to me." Then he didn't say anything.
MadMadMadWorld ncadams27 9 months ago
Which birthday was it? Hahaha! Maybe only a few weeks old, if you remember that tiny, young thing, after Ward cut-off the rest of his (nude) body, leaving only his head to be in the baby pic contest!
MadMadMadWorld LoveMETV22 9 months ago
William Schallert (teacher) later became most memorable as Patty Duke's father ("Martin Lane") in her too-short, 3-year sitcom (1963-66).
DenJerh 10 months ago
Love Leave it to Beaver! Never get tired of watching the series!
Wendy57 10 months ago
Oh geez Wally geez ! 😯
Deleted 10 months ago
This comment has been removed.
justjeff 10 months ago
You got 10/10 out of an 8 question quiz???...LOL!
Barry22 10 months ago
7/8, however you left out the episode where Wally and The Beaver were in a Blues Brothers tribute band.
frenchman71 10 months ago
8/8. I know my LITB episodes.They shoulda put the court date episode in there. That was one of the later seasons. And they were both in suits.
AgingDisgracefully 10 months ago
Doesn't history prove many of us dress to humor overbearing ancestors, or those THEY want to impress?
LoveMETV22 10 months ago
#1- What does the Beaver want for Christmas ?....
LoveMETV22 10 months ago
8/8. Fun Quiz .Love the show.🎅
CaptainDunsel 10 months ago
I guess I'm just not suited to these LITB quizzes. Tailor-made for failure.
frenchman71 CaptainDunsel 10 months ago

And this quiz was part of the series of tests for Star Fleet Academy.
CaptainDunsel frenchman71 10 months ago
No, that was just the cover story for Jake Locarno leaving.
frenchman71 CaptainDunsel 10 months ago
Jake Locarno??
CaptainDunsel frenchman71 10 months ago
Character from the Next Generation episode "The First Duty", who was compelled to leave the Academy for concealing the cause of a fatal training incident.
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