Why are Wally and Beaver dressed up in these images?

Can you recall why Wally and the Beaver are looking dapper in these photos?

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The Beaver and his brother Wally could often been seen in a collared shirt or a polo, a common getup for the time period in which Leave It to Beaver took place. 

It was never a shock to see Wally or Beaver dressed up in a suit or even a tuxedo from time to time either. From sporting banquets to school dances or even court appearances, the Cleaver boys cleaned up nicely. 

Do you know why, based on images alone, Wally and/or Beaver are dressed up? 

Gee, we hope you get a good score! 

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  1. Beaver is hesitant to stand up in this suit at...
  2. Here, Wally is dressed up for a...
  3. Here, Wally and Beaver are dressed up when they have a visitor for dinner. Who was the visitor?
  4. Beaver goes suit shopping with Wally, without Ward. He picks out this loud suit for...
  5. Beaver is late for an event in which he needs this suit laid out on his bed. To make matters worse, he "fell down in a new road" and needed a bath. Where is he going?
  6. What job does Wally have to dress up for in this image?
  7. Wally and Eddie are headed out, without Beaver, in these suits. Can you recall where they're going?
  8. In this scene, Wally approaches a porch in a suit to...

Why are Wally and Beaver dressed up in these images?

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