True or False: Were these features of Sam Drucker's plastic Christmas tree on Green Acres?

Depending on what features are real, would you purchase this plastic tree from Sam Drucker?

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We all know Oliver Wendell Douglas wants a good old fashioned Christmas on Green Acres. It's clear by the holiday themed epiosde titled "An Old Fashioned Christmas." 

His ideal holiday includes a real tree with real popped corn and a home-made fruit cake, though he probably wishes someone other than Lisa would bake it.

He's so passionate about a perfect holiday, there's even a couple of his "Great American" speeches in the episode. Naturally, he's disappointed when he arrives to Sam Drucker's shop and sees him attempting to sell Mr. Ziffel a plastic Christmas tree. 

There's a lot of brand new features to this tree, but Mr. Douglas won't budge. Drucker still tries though, listing all that this new tree can do! 

Take this true or false quiz and see if you can remember if these features were a part of the plastic Christmas Tree! 

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  1. True or False: The Christmas tree could string it's own lights, no extra charge.
  2. True or False: The tree comes with genuine spruce spray
  3. True or False: The tree features automatic folding branches.
  4. True or False: The tree comes with a pound of plastic pine needles, clogging up the vaccum just as good as the real ones.
  5. True or False: Once you've purchased the plastic tree, you can also find fake popped corn at Sam's store.
  6. True or False: The candy canes are the one real decoration Oliver buys at Sam Drucker's store.
  7. True or False: The trunk contains "oozers."
  8. True or False: The tree oozes real sap.
  9. True or False: The "old fashioned" trees Mr. Drucker used to carry were made of wood.

True or False: Were these features of Sam Drucker's plastic Christmas tree on Green Acres?

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