Can you name these girlfriends and crushes on Leave It to Beaver?

Wally and Beaver certainly had plenty of moments with the ladies. Some moments were better than others for the Cleaver boys.

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Don’t worry, the Cleaver boys had trouble talking to girls too!
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We've asked you before if you can name the pals and friends of Wally and Beaver Cleaver, but we're going to go one step further. 

As the Cleaver kids grew up, they tried more and more to impress the young ladies of Mayfield. Whether it went smoothly or there was some classic teenage awkwardness depends on what episode you're watching. Wally can be seen trying his hand at being a gentleman while Beaver still thinks girls were the enemy! 

Even the Beaver started to develop a crush here and there, often turning to Wally for some advice. 

There were plenty of girlfriends that Beaver and Wally took on dates and dances throughout six seasons of Leave It to Beaver. Can you name them?

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  1. Eddie Haskell is telling everyone in school this is his girlfriend and they're going steady. Little does he know she's only with him because her real boyfriend is grounded! What is her name?
  2. Wally stretches the truth while writing to this young lady, stating the Cleavers are very wealthy and that he has his own car. Who is she?
  3. Ward, June and Beaver see Wally flirting with this girl, who happens to be the daughter of Mrs. Foster. What is her name?
  4. This is the daughter of Mrs. Manners. She comes to help June at the house a couple days a week. Wally skips track practice to spend more time with her. What is her name?
  5. This girl makes Wally think they're on a date at the tennis courts. Really, she's only there to make her actual boyfriend jealous. Do you remember her name?
  6. Beaver and this girl are upset they have to kiss during a school play. Do you remember her name?
  7. Beaver falls for this girl, who is new to his school. She then falls for his older brother, Wally. Who is she?
  8. This transfer student is Wally's dream girl! What is her name?
  9. In "Wally Goes Steady," he goes on a few double dates with this girl. Can you name her?
  10. Eddie tricks Wally into taking a girl that is taller than him to a school dance. Can you remember her name?

Can you name these girlfriends and crushes on Leave It to Beaver?

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