Who said it: Ward or June from 'Leave It to Beaver'?

These are lines from the episodes "Voodoo Magic" and "Part time Genius."

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Ward and June fit perfectly together as they ensured their children, Wally and Beaver, had the best experience possible on Leave It to Beaver. Even when their children would get in trouble, they always made sure to allow them to learn from their mistakes and guide them in the right direction.

Many viewers would say that June was the friendly, easy-going mom who always wanted what was best for her children but didn't stop them from doing much. On the other hand, Ward held the strong man of the house voice that Wally and Beaver heard more when being told to do something.

Both fictional parents always gave their children love, which is why viewers loved them just as much. Can you guess who said these lines from the episodes "Voodoo Magic" and "Part-time Genius"?

Special hint: The first five questions are from "Voodoo Magic" and the last five are from "Part time Genius."

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  1. Who said this about Wally's friend Eddie? - "I don't mind him being polite, but he's polite in such a sneaky way."
  2. Who said this when Eddie's father claimed Beaver put a curse on him? - "Well, did you call in a good witch doctor yet?"
  3. Who said this to Eddie's father? - "I can't believe this. The beaver is such a sweet little boy, he likes everybody even Eddie."
  4. Who said this when they got the news that Eddie felt better? - "I sent the Beaver over with a genuine voodoo curse remover."
  5. Who said this? - "It's wonderful having a practicing witch doctor in the family when you need them."
  6. Who said this when they found out Wally and Beaver had a test at school? - "Our kids make good grades, but there's no reason why they shouldn't be making great grades."
  7. Who said this? - "We all can't be 'A' students, maybe the boys are more like me."
  8. Who said this when bragging about Beaver's test score? - "Well, they probably only notified the top group first."
  9. Who said this in the principle's office? - "Well, I wasn't too surprised. He does have the background for it."
  10. Who said this when they found out Beaver's score was a mistake? - "I just think it's wonderful that there are smart boys like Charles, but I rather have the Beaver just the way he is."

Who said it: Ward or June from 'Leave It to Beaver'?

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