Who said it: Ward Cleaver or Mike Brady?

Both TV dads offered sound advice, funny responses and even had to get serious from time to time. Can you tell the difference?

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One TV dad had a pair of boys, one had three boys and as many girls under one roof. Ward Cleaver from Leave It to Beaver and Mike Brady from The Brady Bunch are some of classic television's best known fathers for several reasons. 

They each can be stern when they need to be, but the real reason they stand out is because of how dedicated to their children they are. Both tend to give the best fatherly advice on an episode to episode basis and both can even dish out a quick limerick or funny remark. 

Though the shows aired several years apart, Mr. Cleaver and Mr. Brady tend to speak in similar manners. 

Can you tell who said the lines below? Was it Ward Cleaver or Mike Brady? 

Good luck! 

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  1. Who said: "The button's coming off of this shirt, could you sew one on real fast? I have about ten minutes to get out of town"?
  2. Who said: "All right boys, the window's broken and it's simple enough to have it repaired. But I just want one thing understood, from now on there'll be no ball playing close to the house"?
  3. Who said: "Look, we're getting ready to go out, I can't stop to chase that hound"?
  4. Who said: "Okay now look boys, let's all eat a good breakfast today. I know you're bound to be nervous but we have to have plenty of nourishment and energy and that's why it's important to have a good breakfast"?
  5. Who said: "I used to chase the ice wagon and eat ice off the back"?
  6. Who said: "It's called family cooperation. You scratch their backs and they scratch yours"?
  7. Who said: "In the first place, it's always wrong to tell a lie. In the second place, you just build up more trouble for yourself by not facing the truth"?
  8. Who said: "It's funny the way their little minds work, he wanted to know if I had ever kissed a married woman"?
  9. Who said: "I happen to belong to the National Guard and we're having a meeting a week from Wednesday"?
  10. Who said: "All right, I guess your past record is good for a dollar and a half."

Who said it: Ward Cleaver or Mike Brady?

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WayneKeith 15 months ago
OMG! My first perfect score. I've watched every LITB episode at least 25 times.
Hollie 17 months ago
i dont ever remember mike in the guard what eps is this in ?
STTOS 18 months ago
You got 9 out of 10 correct! - There was no stopping you on this quiz! Good job! Now, move on to something a little more challenging, like whistling through your nose! Don't want to try that? Should have had a perfect score but talked myself out of Ward for #7. But do I feel like a creep!!
Lillyrose 18 months ago
10 out of 10. Two great shows! Especially "Leave it to Beaver!"
DanDolgin 18 months ago
7/10 and I have seen most episodes of both shows.
Blondie7 18 months ago
9/10 We need more fathers like Ward Cleaver.
JustGeri 18 months ago
7/10. The ones I got wrong were all Ward picks. I don’t remember National Guard comment on BB. The button one seemed like MB but didn’t remember getting out of town part.
bradyguy JustGeri 17 months ago
It's a VERY silly un-MIke line from The BB S1E6 - "A Clubhouse Is Not a Home".

Yeah...the "button" line is from BB S1E7 - "Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore"...
Geronimo 18 months ago
Piece of cake. Avid watcher of both shows
Rita6868 18 months ago
Thanks MeTV! Love The Brady Bunch and Leave it to Beaver.How about bringing The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Bob Newhart Show,Dick Van Dyke Show(more than once a wk) and Laverne&Shirley back on and on weekdays? You could throw in a Little I Love Lucy and really make alot of seniors very happy!😁
DoubleNaughtSpy Rita6868 18 months ago
Um....All of the shows cited above are readily available on DVD. If you're unable to spring $50 for the complete series editions of most of these titles, many public libraries will offer the lending of individual seasons to their patrons.
Rita6868 18 months ago
I thought I had 100% then got question 10 wrong.Lol! Thanks so much MeTV for bringing The Brady Bunch back to Sunday's and for putting Leave it to Beaver on at a later time and on Sundays.Life long fan of both shows.
LalaLucy 18 months ago
10/10 Quite a few I could remember the episode they came from and, when that failed, Ward had the edge on Mike when it came to wisdom and humor. Ward is one of my all time favorite TV dad's. They don't make them like him anymore.
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