Can you tell what show the late, great Betty White is in?

Whenever Betty White stepped in front of a camera, there was a solid chance a memorable scene was about to take place.

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Betty White had one of the most prolific acting careers in the history of Hollywood. 

Her name is synonymous with Hollywood and her iconic look is instantly recognizable when seen on the TV screen.

The television icon would have turned 101 Jan. 17, 2023. To honor her career on her birthday, can you tell what show Betty White is featured in below?

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  1. This is Betty White in an episode of...
  2. Here she's in...
  3. What show is Betty White in here?
    Image:CBS Television Distribution
  4. What about here? What show is this?
  5. This is Betty White in...
  6. In this series, White shows up with a puppy. Do you know what show this image is from?
  7. This is Betty White in...
    Image: CBS Television Distribution
  8. What show is she in here?
    Image: Disney Platform Distribution
  9. What Hooterville-universe show is she in here?

Can you tell what show the late, great Betty White is in?

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Ready2go 8 months ago
6/9. Allen didn't tell me the password!
geatornez82 8 months ago
Six out of nine. I'd rather spell it out like that, because . . . . reasons. Her Awesomeness has done quite a lot more than I thought!
Paul 8 months ago
Missed #6. Being a Matlock fan I knew first question
bsantaniello 8 months ago
Is it me or was that first one a bizarre answer? Threw me for a loop.
PumbleBub 8 months ago
Number 1 is so tricky since she's on Matlock, as Betty White, on the set of Golden Girls.
jtrain 8 months ago
8/9, got the first one wrong.
Wendy57 8 months ago
Got tripped up on #1.
Thought it was The Golden Girls kitchen.
tootsieg Wendy57 8 months ago
I thought the same thing. Sure looked like the Golden Girls kitchen to me.
CaptainDunsel 8 months ago
And here I was feeling all pleased and proud of myself for recognizing the "Golden Girls" set on #1. And then I stepped on the rake.
AllisonWunderland 8 months ago
4/9…🫣 This is just not my night
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