Who is assisting Monk — Sharona or Natalie?

Can you tell who is helping solve these Monk cases?


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As brilliant as Adrian Monk is, he wouldn’t be able to leave his apartment— let alone solve difficult cases— without the help of his loyal assistants. Sharona Fleming, an outspoken nurse from New Jersey, assisted Monk in the show’s first three seasons.

When actress Bitty Schram left the series over a contract dispute, Traylor Howard joined as Natalie Teeger, a former bartender who asked Monk for help before becoming his trusted aide. Though very different, both Sharona and Natalie brought their own style and humor to the show.

Here are some memorable Monk scenes featuring both assistants. Can you guess who is who without seeing their faces?

  1. Who helped solve a case by chugging some beer?
  2. Who helped Monk put out fires - literally - the first time they met?
  3. Who found Monk's weakness in a game of chess?
  4. Who suffered through Monk's driving in this memorable scene?
  5. Monk is eating with whose rich parents here?
  6. That's Happy Days creator Garry Marshall! Who helped Monk solve a case on a plane?
  7. Who brought along her daughter to help care for Monk when he was sick?
  8. Who drove Monk around on a motorcycle?
  9. Who went undercover investigating Dale "The Whale" Biederbeck?
  10. Who attempted to make a smoothie with a power drill?
  11. Who went to couples counseling for a case as "Mrs. Monk"?
  12. Who helped Monk solve a case in a submarine?
  13. Who got her turn to explain the case at an amusement park?
  14. Who helped Monk solve a case during a stage play?
  15. Natalie and Sharona met in one episode. Which one is Sharona?

Who is assisting Monk — Sharona or Natalie?

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RichLorn 35 months ago
14/15. I missed the one in the car. Too generic. Otherwise, its easy to spot Sharona, especially in profile, if you get my drift.
TheSentinel 35 months ago
6/15 - guess I haven't watched enough Monk yet.
Toot1956 35 months ago
14/15, I hated the Dale the Wale episodes. So I missed #9.
AlF 35 months ago
15 / 15. Best. Show. Ever!

(Plus I'm in love with Natalie...)
grandpa5741 35 months ago
They. We’re both annoying and hot👍
QazWiz grandpa5741 35 months ago
annoying? you mean like bad grammar annoying ?
and YES - you & me, We're both annoying
marmetv20 35 months ago
10/15 love Monk thot I would do much better!
MikefromJersey 35 months ago
14 for 15.
Bitty Schram's Jersey accent is real - though a tad exaggerated - as she is from Mountainside, NJ.
I grew up next door in Westfield(home of the Addams Family) and there were a number of Schrams
in our school. She is not the bean pole Hollywood ideal for an actress, she has curves like a normal
woman and is 10 lbs. overweight. It never ceases to amaze me that she got the role.
But not since Roseanne has a working class woman worried about paying bills and saving for her
kid's education been so prominent(at least that I am aware of).
Natalie may be the classic beauty type, but Sharona is a sauce pot - as the Brits say - and has
allure to spare. She is the Jersey Girl that Bruce Springsteen sings about, you can keep Gwyneth
QazWiz MikefromJersey 35 months ago
congrats on your brush with celebrity
mine was being taught Jr. High English by the last Weed smoker to get a Felony conviction in Michigan (i won't name drop for the teacher's sake, he was quite infamous when i was in school and liked her in 7th grade English.
QazWiz QazWiz 35 months ago
i also watched Michael Moore receive his Eagle Pin
MikefromJersey QazWiz 35 months ago
My "brush with celebrity"? Snarky today or what? I have traded barbs with Rodney, topped
Seinfeld early in his career at Dangerfields. Paul Prudhomme personally made me a
swordfish steak after we hit it off at a fund raiser. By the way, Paul said the Grand Central
Oyster Bar was the best place for shellfish in America.
Oh, and Field Marshal Montgomery sent me a chess set when I was a kid.
It wasn't me but my father took the National Turkey to the White House Thanksgiving one year, and my cousin Chris lit the national Christmas tree with Ford in 1976. And in my living room
is the old fedora Reagan gave my godfather. But you are right, hey everybody, I vaguely
know Bitty's cousins!
Mannixishot 35 months ago
Pretty easy quiz. Different body types and Sharona definitely had a style of dress all her own.
CarolKelley 35 months ago
The episode which answers question 1 was on at noon today. August 25.
CarolKelley CarolKelley 35 months ago
On Hallmark Movies and Mysteries, that is.
Greg 35 months ago
Tony really is one great under-appreciated actor
Katch 35 months ago
Fastest quiz I ever answered.....100% Loved both Sharona and Natalie!!
jtrain 35 months ago
11/15, not bad, never watched Monk! Guessed them all!
AllisonWunderland 35 months ago
No idea who Natalie and m-m-m-my Sharona are 😆
wesleytkeel 35 months ago
Oh and make some more quizzes. Make sure there's a good reason for me to keep using this application. Thanks
wesleytkeel 35 months ago
Uh. Sometimes on the quizzes this screwed up application will auto select the wrong answers without me touching the screen. Really tees me off. Fix it.
texasluva wesleytkeel 35 months ago
Most of the time I take quiz on a PC. Though when I use another device and have to scroll by touch and get ready to make my selection the screen jumps and The B I intended to pick jumps to A. No matter because I can just refresh and take the quiz over and nobody will know the difference but me. Or while you scroll you might by mistake touch touch the wrong answer. If without touching the screen maybe you have Gremlins
LH 35 months ago
That was really easy peesy if you watch Monk 15/15 !
MaryAnn LH 35 months ago
I have never watched Monk. I looked up ahead of time what the character actors look like and told myself, Natalie is skinnier. I managed a 10/15! Good for you on perfect score! 👍 I don’t know about you, but those are rare for me on here!
Peter_Falk_Fan MaryAnn 35 months ago
I did the same thing. That didn't help on #4. Unless you know that episode, it could have been anyone sitting there. 10/15.
LH MaryAnn 35 months ago
No a perfect score is rare for me too… But I love Monk and I’ve seen every episode at least 10 times!
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