Can you pass the mega Monk trivia quiz?

Don't be afraid of this quiz! Unless that is one of your phobias.

Adrian Monk has many, many fears but fortunately, trivia is not one of them. Tony Shalhoub played the quirky detective for eight seasons of mysteries. Monk may be the center of attention, but the show served up loads of colorful characters and guest stars.

We have several questions about them — as well as some other Monk facts. It takes a true TV trivia expert to ace this one. See if you can pass the test!

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  1. Prior to portraying Monk, Tony Shalhoub was best known for playing a taxi driver on this sitcom.
  2. Monk originally aired on a cable channel. Which network was it?
  3. What was the name of Monk's wife who perished from a car bomb?
  4. What did Monk's wife do for a living?
  5. This actor played Monk's brother, Ambrose Monk, and won an Emmy for his performance.
  6. What is the name of Monk's FIRST assistant?
  7. Sharona Fleming is from which state?
  8. What is the name of Sharona's son?
  9. In "Mr. Monk and the Naked Man," Monk claims he has how many phobias?
  10. Monk is a huge fan of this musician — and even meets the legend in ""Mr. Monk and the Red-Headed Stranger."
  11. This legendary singer-songwriter performs the Monk theme song, "It's a Jungle Out There."
  12. Who is the rapper in "Mr. Monk and the Rapper"?
  13. Ted Levine, who plays Homicide Captain Leland Stottlemeyer, memorably played which movie serial killer?
  14. What is the name of Natalie Teeger's daughter?
  15. Which of Monk's psychiatrists appears in more episodes?
  16. How many different actors portrayed Monk's nemesis, Dale "The Whale" Biederbeck?
  17. True or false: Tony Shalhoub is the only cast member to appear in all 125 episodes.
  18. This was the title of an online spin-off series that depicted Monk as a middle-school boy.
  19. How many Monk mystery novels have been published to date?
  20. Monk won how many Emmy Awards?
  21. Monk takes place in which West Coast city?
  22. In the episode "Mr. Monk and the Game Show," seen in the image at the top of this quiz, what is the name of the fictional game show?

Can you pass the mega Monk trivia quiz?

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Swifteagle 6 hours ago
15/22. My score is off because I'm off of handwipes
CaptainDunsel 15 hours ago
Don't *quite* have Mr. Monk's memory for details, but maybe up to Captain Stottlemeyer?
Muleskinner 17 hours ago
8/22. A lot of guesses. Mostly wrong guesses. 🥺
snifferdog 17 hours ago
18 of 22. Bit disappointed in myself. I’m a big big fan of Monk. Watched each episode numerous times. Also have the complete DVD set.
LH snifferdog 15 hours ago
Bookandgamefan3 was correct in that 2 of the answers were wrong…
#17 & #20…So you may have done better than you thought!
LH snifferdog 15 hours ago
His comment is about 13 comments down 😁
Kenner 19 hours ago
I was terrible with this quiz. I watched back in the day on USA network. I loved Sharona!
LH Kenner 15 hours ago
She had a GREAT shriek!!
So funny
Kenner LH 1 hour ago
For sure! A true ‘joisey’ gal.
pattysdaughter 23 hours ago
I just starting watching this series for the first time so I only got 10 correct. I’m currently trying to binge watch off of Netflix. Can’t wait for MeTV to air all 8 seasons. I love this show . I don’t understand why folks ‘rag’ on it.
LH pattysdaughter 15 hours ago
I’m always quoting and imitating “Monk-isms!”
JeffPaul76 1 day ago
''You got 15 out of 22'' -----------Looks like you lost. Better luck next time!
monkolumbo 1 day ago
22 questions!! I need a wipe to get it to a nice round 20!!
Oldielover 1 day ago
15/22...Thrown the ol' curve ball when they went into episode titles. Rarely do I read episode titles,and if I do,they're forgotten in the next 2 minutes. lol!....Haven't read the thread yet,but I hope someone can name the third actor who played 'Dale the Whale" besides Adam Arkin and Tim Curry!
LH Oldielover 15 hours ago
It was Ray Porter 😁
gene 1 day ago
that has to be the dumbest show on metv and they do have a few. i tried to watch monk and turned the tv off after about 15 minutes. If Grit tv don't have a good western on i will just leave the tv thank you metv
LH gene 1 day ago
I totally understand that. If you haven’t seen it before and you started with season 1 episode 1, it’s not interesting…I’d almost say, it’s boring. It’s one of those shows that the more you watch it, the more it grows on you. But like I commented before, as much as I love Monk, I still don’t think it belongs on MeTV. It’s just too new. Don’t want to set a precedent for new shows like this on a retro TV station!!
Gayleistoons gene 1 day ago
Monk is a great show, sour grape
tmac1951 gene 24 hours ago
All the old shows are on utube, most with no commercials
Runeshaper 1 day ago
You got 17 out of 22
You really cleaned up! Nice work!

Love Monk! Didn't finish the series yet, but it's such a GREAT show!
Bookandgamefan3 1 day ago
I'm a huge Monk fan saw all of them when they originally aired and now own all seasons on DVD. I've also read all the books written by Lee Goldberg and Hy Conrade.
2 of the questions on this quiz are WRONG! Mr. Monk was not the only one to do 125 episodes Randy and the Captain also did 125 and Monk DID NOT win 8 Emmys he was nominated 8 times but only won 3 times.
As much as I love this show, I don't think it needed to be added to METV, it's on so many other channels. I wish they brought us something older from the 1960s or 1970s.
LH Bookandgamefan3 1 day ago
You are exactly right about two of those questions!
THANK YOU!!....I missed those two,too,because of that! Kudos to you!
MichaelNivens 1 day ago
17/22 - not great but I'll take It - tough , for me anyway
denny 1 day ago
20/22 Missed Dale and the novels. The novels had nothing to do with the show and should not have been in the questions. JMO
tmac1951 2 days ago
I dug out my black and white 12 inch tv in my basement, still works, watched monk on Sunday, now I understand why MeTV thinks it’s a classic.
idkwut2use 2 days ago
You got 19 out of 22

You really cleaned up! Nice work!
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