Can you match these celebrities with the right animal in their name?

Can you match these birds, bugs, big cats and more to the right people?


Some celebrities use their boring, regular old names while others choose memorable fake monikers to make things more interesting. The actors and musicians in this quiz, however, have something unique about what their names - they all involve animals.

Can you guess which bugs, birds or big cats correspond to each person below?

  1. This character actor and '80s star have the same name, so one uses the middle initial “J” to differentiate. What animal do they share a last name with?
  2. This iconic comedian started on a '70s sitcom and is named after what bird?
  3. This legendary singer and frequent Ed Sullivan guest shares a name with which animal?
  4. What big cat did this singer use as part of his name at one point?
     Image: The Everett Collection
  5. This sitcom star shares a name with which large bird?
  6. Though his given name is Walter, this Gunsmoke actor was usually credited with a nickname matching which animal?
  7. This Beverly Hillbillies star's name isn't spelled the same but sounds like which animal?
  8. Another Beverly Hillbillies actor, who later starred in Petticoat Junction, also has a name that sounds like but isn't spelled the same as which animal?
  9. This Bonanza actor has a name matching which yellow animal?
  10. This actor appeared in a memorable Star Trek episode, coincidentally as a character with an animal name - Ambassador Fox, but is better known as Commissioner Randall in the Raymond Burr series Ironside. He shares a name that's pronounced the same as which animals?

Can you match these celebrities with the right animal in their name?

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Mob39 27 months ago
9/10, Didn’t know the buck character
HopeDuchaine 32 months ago
9/10. I hate popups they make my screen jump. I will fix it tonight.
ETristanBooth 33 months ago
10/10. I guessed on 6, 9, and 10.
Beatseeker 33 months ago
got 9/10... woulda got them all if the damned screen would stop jolting... happened many other times too! still, fun games...
Anonymous 33 months ago
Michael Fox was an old stage actor and a dear man. He loved that Michael "J" was popular and liked working with Mel Brooks.
AlF 33 months ago
Max Baer. It's just not faer!
Coldnorth 33 months ago
I got one wrong. Couldn’t tell which was the cougar. That is pretty sad. Lol
grandpa5741 33 months ago
You got 10 out of 10

You really know your animal names. We're not lion, you did great!👍
marmetv20 33 months ago
9/10 we're not lion you did great!
CortneyNicole 33 months ago
I got 7/10 right but I missed 3.
TSeym22 33 months ago
9/10 Didn't know Buck Taylor
Giggity TSeym22 33 months ago
Me too..
MarkSpeck 33 months ago
10 out of 10. Clever little quiz here!
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