How well do you know the career of Tony Shalhoub?

Think you know the Emmy winner's many roles?

Tony Shalhoub is a star that keeps on shining. Along with his hit crime series Monk, Shalhoub can be seen and heard in popular film and television franchises all across the decades.

But do you think you know all there is about his incredible career? Take the quiz below and see how well you know about the many roles of Tony Shalhoub!
  1. What 80s action series did he make his first on-screen appearance in?
  2. He had a recurring role in all 7 seasons in which 90s comedy series?
  3. What Pixar movie series has he voice acted in?
  4. How many times has he been nominated for an Emmy for his role as Adrian Monk in Monk?
  5. What cult sci-fi comedy film did he star in?
  6. What popular 90s computer game did he voice act for?
  7. John Turturro played Monk’s brother, Ambrose Monk. Which movie did Turturro and Shalhoub both star in together before the series?
  8. Which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles character did he voice in the recent TMNT films?
  9. He stars in which Amazon comedy series?
  10. What alien does he play in the Men in Black movie franchise?
  11. True or False: Tony Shalhoub has won a Tony Award for his work on Broadway

How well do you know the career of Tony Shalhoub?

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IndianaRockz 4 months ago
I really like Tony Shalhoub, he always makes me laugh on "Wings", he 'made' the show with his great comedy timing & he is great on Monk too....I see a lot of myself in the character with the sanitizing hand wipes 😁😁😁
jtrain 34 months ago
5/11, guessed most of them, not up on Tony or Monk.
DianeMcHugh 34 months ago
Isn't it about time to retire the Andy Griffith show? I know the dialogs by heart. It is a good clean show but it has been on forever. Same with Twilight Zone..
There are some great suggestions from viewers below. Please consider change.
DIGGER1 35 months ago
How well do you know the career of Tony Shalhoub?
You got 10 out of 11
Excellent work! You know your stuff when it comes to the great Tony Shalhoub!
FLETCH 35 months ago
If any MeTV people read this, here's my wish list for shows on your channel

Starsky & Hutch
Knight Rider
Miami Vice
Magnum P.I.
RichLorn FLETCH 35 months ago
Ditto to Kojak, but for me also:
N.Y.P.D. (circa 1967? starring Jack Warden)
Mike Stokey's Stump the Stars
Rockford Files
The Honeymooners
The original Price is Right with Bill Cullen
Our Miss Brooks
FLETCH 35 months ago
4 out of 11 , all guesses.

How well do you know the career of Tony Shalhoub?

Not very
DZee 35 months ago
Who cares? His show sucks and doesn't not belong on's not a classic show.
JoseJavierAponteParsi 35 months ago
Sharona was great. Too bad she and the producers couldn't get an agreement about a salary hike and they let her go. This kind of changes can put an end to a show, but fortunately it didn't. Natalie was well accepted. And eventually they made peace, because Sharona returned for two of the last episodes.
Cyn_Finnegan 35 months ago
Ten out of 11. I missed the question about the Emmys, but I don't pay attention to awards shows, anyway.
Greg 35 months ago
Tony is one of the great underappreciated actors. He is so good in Monk many people believed he had OCD. In Wings his he played deadpan comedy perfectly.
LalaLucy 35 months ago
10/11. Got tripped up by the game. Some educated guesses, like Splinter (who else would he voice? :)) a few things I recall reading, and a few I knew well. Particularly Wings and the Cars movies, which I watched well before Monk. I really thought he was Italian, in fact, till I stumbled on Monk, MIB, and Galaxy Quest, as I was late to all of those. Then, I found myself impressed with his versatility. I know not all are thrilled with such a newer show on MeTV and I agree in hopes this won't become a trend, but if they had to pick something from this era, I am glad it's this one. The writing and acting are quality, making it one of the very few shows in the last couple of decades I will bother with.
billyjoe1951 35 months ago
I love Me Tv ,I hate the weekend because my favorite are not on . I think law enforcement should make it mandatory for all new law enforcement recuret to see how the law has changed in the last 20 years . I have most shows on Me Tv recorded so I don't miss a show .Love ME TV
Michael 35 months ago
More Monk questions. And nothing about "Stark Raving Mad"
fingerpickngood 35 months ago
I can’t believe I missed The Marvelous Mrs Maisel question. He played her father. Brain fart.
Runeshaper 36 months ago
You got 7 out of 11
Excellent work! You know your stuff when it comes to the great Tony Shalhoub!

Love Monk and he's GREAT in the The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel! I didn't realize he played Luigi in the Cars movies. That's AWESOME!
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