Which of these vintage toys is NOT a G.I. Joe figure?

“America’s movable fighting man” went through many different iterations. Can you spot the ONE figure that does NOT belong to this iconic franchise?


After Mattel’s Barbie doll became a huge success in the early 1960s, Hasbro saw an opening to create a counterpart aimed at boys. Thus, G.I. Joe was born. Originally released as a set of action figures representing different branches of the military, the toys expanded to include all kinds of adventurous jobs.

After declining sales in the 1970s, the franchise was reinvented with a companion comic book and animated show. Creating multiple individual characters, and antagonists for them to fight week after week, worked to attract a new generation to the G.I. Joe line.

Eight of the figures below were released under the G.I. Joe name in the 1960s, '70s and '80s. One toy belongs to a totally different franchise. Can you spot which one is no Joe? Keep picking until you find it!

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  1. Which one of these figures is NOT from a G.I. Joe set?

Which of these vintage toys is NOT a G.I. Joe figure?

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WGH 4 months ago
I did it the odd way. I recognized every other one as GI Joe but that Mason one I didn't recognize. Didn't realize it was a hot toy back in the day. Need to do some research.
WilliamJorns 13 months ago
As soon as I saw the Major Matt Mason figure, I recognized him right off. I had a Matt Mason figure when I was a kid. You couldn't change the outfits on Matt like you could on GI Joe. His "body" was the spacesuited figure you see in the photo, and the joints on his limbs were the accordion pleats you see on the suit.
LarryBell 21 months ago
I was a kid when G.I. Joe had the fuzzy hair and fuzzy Chuck Norris beard. I also remember having a Johnny West Cowboy action figure
WGH LarryBell 4 months ago
I had the Sam Cobra, bad guy from The Johnny West series. Came with a safe, dynamite, dagger cane; everything an evil young child like myself could want.
He even had a black horse... It was awesome!
LarryBell 21 months ago
It took a couple of guesses. I didn’t notice Matt Mason at first
Wenatchee7 23 months ago
I had the whole set when I was a kid.
KawiVulc 23 months ago
Seriously? A William Perry figure? Still pi$$e$ me off that Ditka let him score in the Super Bowl rather than Walter Payton. If only one player scored in that game it should have been Sweetness.
WGH KawiVulc 4 months ago
The fridge didn't need a tush push. Can you imagine him pushing the quarterback on a snake play? Probably break Jim McMahon in half!
Zip 23 months ago
Only took me about 5 times.

The G.I. Joe with the Kung Fu grip. Now that is the one I remember. With that fuzzy hair. I loved those toys!
Tresix 23 months ago
First try! I had Mason but not Joe. Also had Big Jim and Action Jackson (no connection to the movie starring Carl Weathers).
TheDavBow3 Tresix 23 months ago
Me too. I had Big Jim, Big Jeff and Big Josh. I remember they were @ 4 inches shorter than the G.I. Joe's. Yep, and also remember, that Action Jackson is his name, bold adventure is his game. Tell him what you want to be then call on me.... Action Jackson! Something like that 😄😉
WGH Tresix 4 months ago
I remember Big Jim in the Sears catalog. Had one of those too. There was a big Josh and a big Jake and some Australian dude who wrestled alligators.
RichLorn 23 months ago
I never had any GI Joe toys. When they were hot I was waiting to be a Vietnam draftee. I was afraid I'd look weird playing with him in the barracks.
JanSWI RichLorn 23 months ago
When my son was n Iraq with his Marine Reserve unit, they'd sit around the barracks playing video games against each other on their laptops. Oh, how times have changed! Thank you for your service!
Michael JanSWI 23 months ago
I th ought comic books were a hot item in the Vietnam war.o

But I thought we saw someone reading comic books in Rat Patrol.
Toot1956 23 months ago
Got it on first try. Had the Gi Joe as a kid, Christmas memories.
MalachiCrunch 23 months ago
First shot!
I had seventies Joe's along with Big Jim and Steve Austin. Along with an Oscar Goldman and his briefcase full of goodies!
TheDavBow3 MalachiCrunch 23 months ago
Me too. I had the Steve Austin figure. I remember he was tall. He was even a couple inches bigger than the 70s Joe's
WGH MalachiCrunch 4 months ago
I remember looking through his eye and rolling up his skin to see his Bionic implants. I even had the rocket ship that turned into an operating table.

Now...I'm a doctor. I think there may have been some early manipulation by my parents there. Lol.
MrsFletcher 23 months ago
First try! Only because I recognized Major Matt Mason right away.
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