Collector's Call Web Extras: A hot rod collection worth millions!

Sheri Goldstrom's museum has far more than this red-hot Little Deuce Coupe!

Collecting antique cars has been a family affair for Sheri Goldstrom since she was a little girl. Sheri says she learned everything from her mother, who has since passed away, and her father, who she still consults on a daily basis.

About 15 years ago, she built a car museum in Las Vegas to show off their amazing collection, Nostalgia Street Rods. Goldstrom's sprawling garage holds everything from a 1918 dump truck to a Zamboni. In between, you'll find loads of Chevy and Ford hot rods.

We invited Chris Clyne, a close family friend of Sheri and the Goldstroms, who has his own massive collection of antique and hot-rod cars, to join us. Chris put a dollar amount on Sheri's collection — and also tried to trade a 1940 Ford for a very unique wheelchair.

1. Image Gallery: Inside the Collection

See a 1918 Ford dump truck, a wheelchair packing a Cadillac engine, Chevys and more!


2. Bonus Video: 1932 Ford Highboy Small Block

Orange flames lick the side of this open-cockpit hot rod. It's worth about $65,000. It's as fast as it looks.


3. Bonus Video: 1940 Ford Pickup

This black beauty packs a "Big Block" engine. Goldstrom's dad spent about a year and a half fixing this up. It's worth about $40,000.


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Brian 7 months ago
At least the deuce in the top photo sports a proper flathead. To me, having a deuce means a flathead because nothing sounds like a flathead V8. Then again, nothing overheats like one, either. Maybe they didn't put out big HP numbers, but flatheads (a.k.a. L-heads for Fords) were long-stroke designs (undersquare) which means they were torquey, and sometimes torque rules.
midnight 8 months ago
She's my little duece coupe Beach Boys
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