Which Green Acres actors starred in these Disney movies?

Do you remember whose voice was in The Rescuers and who starred in the live-action classic Escape to Witch Mountain?

Hooterville was populated by some of the friendliest, funniest and goofiest actors on TV. It’s no wonder they all appeared in a Disney movie at one point or another. A few actors with famous voices even starred in multiple animated classics.

Everyone from the Douglases (Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor) to the county agent (Alvy Moore) to the Monroe “brothers” (Sid Melton and Mary Grace Canfield) to the general store proprietor (Frank Cady) starred in animated and live-action Disney films from the Sixties, Seventies and Eighties.

Do you remember which Green Acres cast members were in these movies?

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  1. Who starred in Disney classic The Rescuers?
  2. Who voiced a character in Disney’s take on Robin Hood?
  3. Who appeared in the live-action drama Escape to Witch Mountain?
  4. Who appeared in the Love Bug sequel Herbie Rides Again?
  5. Who was one of many famous TV voices in The Fox and the Hound?
  6. Who appeared in the egg-stravagant movie The Million Dollar Duck?
  7. Who starred in the toe-tappin’ animated classic The Aristocats?
  8. Who appeared with this star-studded cast in Pollyanna?
  9. Who starred in the drama Miracle of the White Stallions?
  10. Benji isn’t technically a Disney movie, but it may as well be. Which Green Acres actor appears in this canine classic?

Which Green Acres actors starred in these Disney movies?

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jpdirisio13 14 months ago
Never saw a single one of those movies......every answer a total guess.......odds are 50/50......I'm either right or I'm wrong. So what does my score turn out to be? 5 outta 10.........50/50.
oldmoe51 14 months ago
Yea I blew it but I thought I would
scp 14 months ago
10 out of 10.

Weirdly enough, the Green Acres actor's appearance in Million Dollar Duck is one of the things I remember most about that movie, and it's just a brief appearance that could be by any character actor out there.
Kergooliewyn 14 months ago
7/10 surprising. I wanted to put Eva Gabor for all of them, Even though she wasn't in all of them.😄😄
I just really❤ Eva Gabor.
ClassicTVnut 14 months ago
5/10 didn't grow up watching Disney movies. First 5 guessed right. Last 5 I took a nose dive.
Peter_Falk_Fan 14 months ago
8/10 I've never seen "Benji", "The Million Dollar Duck", nor "Miracle of the White Stallions". But I guessed correctly on the latter.
I’ve never seen any of those movies either, and I guessed two of them right…Only “Miracle of the White Stallion” I guessed wrong. Lol I also kind of didn’t know for sure if Eva Gabor was in “The Aristocats.” I knew she was in “The Rescuers”…✌🏻
bsantaniello 14 months ago
Whoopee! I got 10/10. I’ve watched too many kids movies.
Michael bsantaniello 14 months ago
It only matters if you only saw them as an adult.
bsantaniello Michael 14 months ago
As a matter of fact I did see them for the first time as an adult with my kids when they were younger! That’s probably why I did so well in this quiz much to my surprise! 📽
Michael bsantaniello 14 months ago
I spent alot of time withthe daughter ofafriend, starting when she was one. I got dragged too a bunch of movies that I wasn't interested in, but actually turned out well.

There's still some Disney films from the sixties I never saw, but have an urge.
Jeffrey 14 months ago
''You got 8 out of 10'' ------Great job! ---Did knocking on the ol' noggin help you remember? No. I got 5 and 9 wrong.
RichLorn 14 months ago
I got tripped up on some tales that have tails.
StevenMaines9680 14 months ago
That one was difficult!! I'm usually good at these.
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