Are these real Bugs Bunny cartoons or nah?

Are these cartoon titles the genuine article, or hogwash?


Ah... What's up, Doc?

We'll tell you what's up! It's "titles of Bugs Bunny cartoon shorts," that's what's up, alright. We want to know whether you've got 'em memorized or not. Because some of the titles that follow are real, and some are not.

See if you can tell the bunny-fide from the bogus. It's up to you to choose which ones are real, and which are fake.

  1. Hare Remover
  2. Haredevil Hare
  3. Carrot Catastrophe
  4. Wabbit Woes
  5. Baseball Bugs
  6. Easter Yeggs
  7. Ballroom Bunny
  8. Hopalong Hare
  9. Buccaneer Bunny
  10. Hare Force One
  11. Hot Cross Bunny
  12. Mutiny on the Bunny
  13. Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow
  14. Show Me the Bunny
  15. Happy to Be Hare

Are these real Bugs Bunny cartoons or nah?

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Deleted 6 days ago
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KJExpress 3 days ago
I hadn't thought of Charlie Chan. More like movies such as "The Good Earth" and the one with Ingrid Bergman as the missionary in China. Great movie but I can't think of the name. Anyway, Asians would play the lesser roles, but not the starring roles. I guess the studios felt they needed a box office draw.
texasluva 3 days ago
What does this remind you of 🤡. I am also doing a new movie about the Atomic Bomb. Guess what movie. Also a digital world cult movie. These are all hard to come by and hopefully you will enjoy. Okay back to work 😁
MrsPhilHarris 3 days ago
Wow! I’m excited! I love film noir. Love the moodiness, and amazing lighting and camera angles. Always spilling over with fedoras, cigarette smoke and dames. I tune into Noir Alley on TCM every week.
texasluva 3 days ago
You will get the alleys and rest of them. Maybe even ones you have not seen in a while
Deleted 6 days ago
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MrsPhilHarris 6 days ago
Great clips! Judgement At Nuremberg is an amazing movie. Look forward to seeing it again.
texasluva 6 days ago
This copy is better then the last I had of it. William Shatner is even in it. Maximilian Schell won an Oscar for his speeches. I wanted to stuff a sock in it but admit was great acting. No excuse for a WW. Movie tops.
MrsPhilHarris 6 days ago
I thought Judy Garland was wonderful.
texasluva 6 days ago
Typical defense trying to portray the innocents as the evil ones and turn them into liars. The true story about those judges getting sentences of 10-to life were all let out in 50's by pardons. Most serving 5 years or less.
TVvuer69 15 days ago
I got 12 of 15. Definitely knew "Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow" was a Tiny Toons episode.
mugens 15 days ago
14 out of 15 and the one I missed was because my not really paying attention at the time.
Thacket 16 days ago
10/15 missed the last three in a row.
Bapa1 16 days ago
14/15, I am up, doc. Know my Bugs!!
CaptainDunsel 17 days ago
That was a hare-owing experience!
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