Which classic cartoon came first?

Do you remember when your favorite hit the airwaves?


Cartoons have been a TV favorite since the late 1950s but they really took off in the '60s and '70s. Do you remember when all your favorite cartoons started?

Take this quiz and put your television animation knowledge to the test!

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  1. Which of these two Hanna-Barbera classics came first?
  2. Which one of these cartoons started first?
  3. Did The Alvin Show beat The New Casper Cartoon Show to the airwaves?
  4. Whose show started first - 'Popeye the Sailor' or 'The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends'?
  5. Which of these shows started first?
  6. Was 'The Jetsons' on TV before 'Jonny Quest'?
  7. Which of these two iconic comedy duos were animated first?
  8. Which superhero cartoon came first?
  9. Which one of these groovy late '60s cartoons started before the other?
  10. Both these shows starred animals but which came first?
  11. Which one of these wacky dog cartoons aired first?
  12. Both of these had more famous live-action counterparts but which cartoon came first?
  13. Which one of these rockin' early '70s cartoons started first?
  14. Which of these 1980s bear cartoons came first?
  15. Which of these '80s action cartoons was first to air?

Which classic cartoon came first?

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Tresix 4 months ago
9/15. Started off kind of rough, but made a late rally.
Bigmama77 18 months ago
when will air Scooby-doo cartoon.
Barry22 21 months ago
9/15, should have done better. Some obscure cartoon shows.
RedSamRackham 35 months ago
* Yogi Bear cartoons aired in late 1950's before Flintstones premiered in 1960. * Popeye cartoons were syndicated for TV in 1950's before Rocky & Bullwinkle! * Indeed some of questions misleading. * ♣
Barry22 RedSamRackham 21 months ago
There were Popeye theatrical shorts that were syndicated for TV. I think the quiz involved The Popeye cartoons that were made specifically for TV.
VaughnBaskin 36 months ago
Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun, FUNNNNTASTIC! I've got a 15 out of 15!
TomHolste 42 months ago

A couple of technicalities tripped me up. Yogi Bear existed as a character before the Flinstones, but his shorts aired as a segment on "The Huckleberry Hound Show" before getting his own series in '61. And Popeye's theatrical shorts came long before "Rocky and His Friends" -- this quiz must be referring to his lower-budget TV shorts of the 1960s.
Barry22 TomHolste 21 months ago
Yeah, and they were terrible.
Countrygirl 49 months ago
13/15 not bad
lancel Countrygirl 48 months ago
Doing this was fun good times
Ghoskins 49 months ago
Okay maybe I didn't score that high, but I love the trip down memory lane.
My next statement is meant to be in light-hearted humor - since Saturday morning cartoons we're cancelled, the world went to hell! 😳😁👍
lancel Ghoskins 48 months ago
That’s so right
RedSamRackham 50 months ago
Syndicated POPEYE cartoons aired before Rocky & Bullwinkle! Yogi Bear cartoons aired in late 1950's before The Flintstones! ☺
idkwut2use 50 months ago
12. Actually that was on a retake; my first score stunk because I’m horrible with dates/years/numbers and a 90s kid to boot. I wouldn’t really know which came first...I’ve just always preferred animation to live-action and so loooove cartoons. The Berenstain Bears—omg, the best here!! +D I have tons of the wonderful books and adore the cartoons and holiday specials. (And yes, it is and always has been “stain,” of course!)
LittleMissNoName 50 months ago
It's Berenstein Bears! I have the books stored up in grammy's attic to prove it.
And they all say Berenstain, just like all of mine and every other copy ever. ;-p
Maybe you should haul them out of the attic and READ the name on them ;)
AlanGuynes 50 months ago
6/15......in my defense I haven't watched a cartoon in 40 years.
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