Are these the names of ‘Flintstones’ episodes or children’s books?

Are these titles from the page or the screen?

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Although initially aimed at adults, The Flintstones quickly became a television favorite for the whole family. The stone age adventures of these classic characters continue to delight viewers young and old to this day!

We’ve compiled 16 different titles, some are episodes of The Flintstones and some are names of children’s books. Can you guess which is which?

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  1. What is this a title of?
  2. What about this title?
  3. What does this name belong to?
  4. Which one do you think this is?
  5. Is this a bowling episode or a bowling book?
  6. What is this the name of?
  7. This is a classic, but on the page or on the screen?
  8. What could this name be?
  9. Can you guess this name?
  10. What about this one?
  11. What is this name from?
  12. This is obviously the title of a...
  13. Which one is this the name of?
  14. This title is from a...
  15. Can you correctly guess this title?
  16. Last but not least, this one is the title of a...

Are these the names of ‘Flintstones’ episodes or children’s books?

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