Being a fan of Hoppy in the Sixties paid off!

One lucky kid had a ''grand'' time watching The Flintstones — literally!

Pebbles always had Dino, so it’s only fair that The Flintstones eventually gave Bamm-Bamm a pet. It happened in “Hop Happy” when the Rubbles pick out the perfect pet for their boy: a kangaroo-like animal called Hopparoo, or "Hoppy" for short.

Hoppy was voiced by Don Messick, the same actor who voiced Bamm-Bamm, and like the boy wonder that the prehistoric kangaroo was known to frequently tuck away in his pouch, Hoppy also was known to surprise with unexpected force — by throwing punches.

In the very first episode, we watch Fred Flintstone challenged Hoppy to a boxing match. This was our first encounter with Hoppy, but it wouldn’t be our last.

Hoppy appeared in dozens of episodes of The Flintstones from 1964 to 1966, when the show ended. And halfway through those appearances, our punchy friend Hoppy decided he wanted to help make a few kids in the audience rich!

In the 1965–66 season, you may remember commercials airing that advertised The Hopparoos, the “official Flintstones club” that you could join. Well, to drum up enthusiasm for charter membership, The Hopparoos launched a contest.

Partnering with local zoos, kids in the audience were asked to guess how many times in "exactly five hours" a nearby kangaroo hopped.

It's like those carnival games where you guess how many jelly beans are in a jar, only far more random! We’re guessing no kid got a chance to stare at the kangaroo in question when making their calculations. Unfortunately, we no longer know the exact answer. (Any Australian zoologists out there?)

It was worth hazarding a guess, though, because 10 lucky kids won a treasure chest of games and toys, including a plush Hoppy of their own! Then, all 10 winners were invited to a "Hop Off," a day at the zoo with kangaroos where one of them won the grand prize, $1,000.

Which Flintstones pet is more your style, Dino or Hoppy?

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49 months ago
I like Hoppy too. And they changed Hoppy in one episode from a boy to a girl.
dmagoon Mydoglucky9 49 months ago
When was that?
MrsPhilHarris 50 months ago
Great contest. Personally I prefer Dino over Hoppy.
Lucia826 50 months ago
I ❤️ METV but I only have ROKU, YouTubeTV. Is there no way to be able to record some and play later
JDnHuntsvilleAL Lucia826 41 months ago
You don't have any local over-the-air TV stations?
brower6565 50 months ago
I have watched the Flintstones every since I was a kid and I still enjoy it even today I am I guess a child at heart I am 66 years old and I still even today like the Flintstones as well as all of the older cartoons from my old days. Thanks METV for bringing back the Flintstones for all of us old timers and the new generation of kids who watch.
OriginalGreaser brower6565 50 months ago
I’m also 66, totally agree. Bring back all old cartoons. It’s no wonder the kids of today are challenged. Instead of watching Saturday morning cartoons with a bowl of cereal, they sit and play violent video games. No desire to go outside and play sports, ride a bike, play hide n seek or even hopscotch. Then we wonder why this generation is fat, suffering from juvenile diabetes and have mental struggles.
Moody OriginalGreaser 50 months ago
Add to that the over-protective, coddling parents who don't hold them accountable for their actions. Many parents just won't let kids be kids.
OriginalGreaser Moody 50 months ago
Big thumbs up on your additional comment. In our day you were awarded and recognized because of your achievements and actions. Nowadays I hear Little League baseball players all get trophies no matter how or what they accomplished. I’m told this is done so no hard feelings are made. Guess what, that’s not the real world, great shock coming when this generation goes to work. That is if they go to work!
brower6565 49 months ago
I'm 56 and also love The Flintstones.
cperrynaples 50 months ago
If it was The Flintstones, shouldn't that kid have had a "gay old Time?" Oops, that word didn't age well, did it...LOL!!
Not since the 1930s.
texasluva cperrynaples 49 months ago
Here's a good one. Before 1995 it was spelled Ben-Gay. now it is Bengay.
dmagoon texasluva 49 months ago
What about Ben-Lesbian? XD!
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