Which 'Brady Bunch' kid did it?

It's a very Brady mystery adventure!

It's a case of whodunit, Brady Bunch style!

Think you can keep TV's most famous siblings straight? Read through these synopses of popular episodes of The Brady Bunch and see if you can remember which sibling drove the show's most memorable plots.

Who broke Carol's favorite vase? Who got caught reading Marcia's diary? Who lost the family dog Tiger? These questions and more will be answered soon. Good luck!

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  1. This Brady kid has a really hard time adjusting to new braces:
  2. Playing ball in the house, this Brady kid breaks Carol’s favorite vase:
  3. Which Brady kid gets caught snooping in Marcia’s diary?
  4. The story of ‘Cinderella’ makes this Brady boy concerned Carol might be wicked, so he runs away:
  5. This Brady kid leaves Tiger unattended and the dog goes missing:
  6. When she learns she can only invite one parent to her play, this Brady girl fakes an injury:
  7. This Brady boy’s first kiss is with a girl who, unfortunately, has the mumps:
  8. This Brady kid gets a black eye for standing up to Cindy’s school bully:
  9. When this Brady kid becomes the safety monitor at school, the controlling behavior gets a little out of hand:
  10. Bobby and Cindy both try out for a kid’s TV quiz show, but only one of them prepares. Who gets cast?
  11. This Brady kid gets everybody steamed by tape-recording their conversations:
  12. Which Brady kid writes a letter to Joe Namath to cover up a lie told at school?

Which 'Brady Bunch' kid did it?

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DerekBird 16 months ago
You got 7 out of 12
Don't feel too bad if you missed a few. It won't be the first time these siblings have gotten mixed up!
EricFuller 16 months ago
7/12. But the big question is which one did away with Cousin Oliver?
KevinHartford EricFuller 16 months ago
Pretty sure it was Alice but don't ask what's in the meatloaf.
OnlyWatchMeTV 31 months ago
I watched the show as a kid and now on Sundays. Then I get a 3 of 12?
Geronimo 42 months ago
Should have had more Marcia, Jan and Greg questions
Andy 42 months ago
9/12 here. BTW, the letter to Namath was to cover for a lie told to classmates, but it was in the backyard. NOT at school
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