Was this a M*A*S*H character or Vice President of the United States?

Were they acquaintances of Benjamin Franklin Pierce… or work with Franklin Pierce?

M*A*S*H felt real because it was based on reality. The rich characters helped, too. 

With names like Henry Braymore Blake, Sherman Tecumseh Potter, John Francis Xavier McIntyre and Benjamin Franklin Pierce, the members of the 4077th sounded like figures straight out of American history. They could easily be mistaken for real generals or senators… or Vice Presidents.

See if you can tell the difference between characters in Jeeps and real American Veeps!

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  1. Walter Eugene O'Reilly
  2. Charles Gates Dawes
  3. Bartford Hamilton Steele
  4. Franklin Delano Marion Burns
  5. Charles Warren Fairbanks
  6. Calvin Spalding
  7. William Rufus DeVane King
  8. William Almon Wheeler
  9. Oliver Harmon Jones
  10. Wilson Spaulding Barker
  11. John "Cactus Jack" Nance Garner III
  12. Richard Mentor Johnson
  13. Maynard M. Mitchell
  14. Crandell Clayton
  15. Garret Augustus Hobart

Was this a M*A*S*H character or Vice President of the United States?

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Willalexmac 3 months ago
I must say, I never knew John Nance Garner was either a "III", or Nicknamed "Cactus Jack" (perhaps the inspiration for the name of Kirk Douglas's character in "The Villain"?) But I do know the names of the all the U.S. veeps. So yeah, I aced that one.
Willalexmac Willalexmac 3 months ago
Relishag 3 months ago
Yay I'm some what smart laughing out loud
FatOlBroad 3 months ago
You got 14 out of 15.
DouglasMorris 3 months ago
12/15! missed 6, 10, and 13. I will toot my own horn!
daDoctah 3 months ago
Couldn't miss on William Rufus Devane King. He was VP at the time Washington was made a state, and King county (where Seattle is located) was named for him. Later, they changed the county so it could be named after Martin Luther King Jr instead, and didn't have to pay to have any signs changed.
ColRSG2 3 months ago
15 out of 15. I Know M.A.S.H., but I was excellent in History too! Yeah.
JKMallaber 3 months ago
Got all except 2. Missed the "Spalding/Spaulding" questions.
mcfarlanejb 3 months ago
15/15–guess I’ve spent an awful lot of time watching MASH over the years!
lmahabhashyam 3 months ago
I missed Richard Mentor Johnson. 14/15 not bad . Finally a Mash trivia I had to think hard for.
TheDavBow3 3 months ago
Missed 2 questions. Maynard Mitchell and Cactus Jack. That one was pretty tricky.
AlF 3 months ago
That was a clever quiz!

I failed.
Kwdrake 3 months ago
I thought I knew better guess I didn't 😷☹️✌️
biscuits18521 Kwdrake 3 months ago
I didn't score very high myself (5/15).
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