Which TV characters said goodbye in these episodes?

Sometimes even lead characters have to say goodbye early.


Not every major character makes it to the end. Even cherished sitcoms such as M*A*S*H and The Andy Griffith Show had significant cast turnover over their runs.

Sometimes, even lead characters — heck, sometimes even title characters — bolt long before the series finale.

We've gathered some famous farewells from classic television. (Note: We are counting their final appearance as a regular, recurring cast member and not counting cameo returns.) Don't worry, we have clues, too.

See if you can match these final episodes to the correct recurring characters!

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  1. "Opie Flunks Arithmetic" (1965) was the final episode with this Mayberry character as a regular.
  2. "Abyssinia, Henry" (1975) was the last M*A*S*H episode to feature him as a regular.
  3. "Margaret's Marriage" (1977) was the last time we saw this character in the 4077th.
  4. "Ralph's Family Problems" (1980) was the last time we saw him as a recurring character on Happy Days.
  5. "I Do, Adieu" (1987) was the last time this character was a regular on Cheers.
  6. "An Angel's Trail" (1980) was the last time we saw her.
  7. This actor said goodbye to The Waltons clan with "The Revelation" in season six (1978).
  8. This character left his mission with "The Interrogator" (1969).
  9. This lead officer signed off from CHiPs before the final season with "Force Seven" (1982).
  10. Her final episode as a regular character was "Lou's Second Date" (1974).
  11. This title character skipped out early in the final season with "Window on Main Street" (1982).
  12. His final episode of My Three Sons was "A Woman's Work" (1965).

Which TV characters said goodbye in these episodes?

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STTOS 16 months ago
You got 9 out of 12 - It's so hard to say goodbye. Unless you did not score well. How did you fare? Wow this was tougher than I expected. Should have been 10 of 12. Fat-fingered #1 and picked Gomer but knew the answer. Had no clue on #8 & #11. Guessed wrong both times. But I'll take it.
EllisClevenger 36 months ago
You got 11 out of 12
It's so hard to say goodbye. Unless you did not score well. How did you fare?
Missed #4
SalIanni 47 months ago
The "Happy Days" episode "Ralph's Family Problem" was Richie's last episode as a regular but I also remember that Ralph left after that episode as well so there really should be 2 correct answers to that question.
kimmer 47 months ago
6/12....That means I only knew this in a half-@$$€) manner!....so sad...
sandman 47 months ago
10/12. See. Saying “Goodbye” is not so hard.
pdbronco 47 months ago
Richard Thomas’ (John-Boy) last episode as a regular was Season 5 “The Achievement”
TheDavBow3 47 months ago
9/12 pretty good. Bub was way better than Uncle Charley.
MikefromJersey TheDavBow3 47 months ago
10 for 12. TheDavBow3, both William Frawley and WIlliam Demarest were two of the finest
character actors in film history. The amount of classic films they appeared in is amazing.
Demarest was a regular in Preston Sturges comedies. If any of you haven't seen the Preston Sturges comedy films, you are cheating yourselves.
TheDavBow3 MikefromJersey 47 months ago
I totally agree with you. Both great character actors. I just think the way Frawley played Bub is much funnier and more appealing than the way Demorest played Charley. I'll have to check out the Preston Sturges film. Thanks for the great tip 😊
MikefromJersey TheDavBow3 47 months ago
I have to agree with you that Frawley was better. But would you agree he benefited from
better writing, that the early years were far better than the color episodes?
In one episode especially that I thought was brilliant, the boys get a job cleaning up a yard
and before you know it all the neighbors are giving advice or pitching in. A spot on observation
of human behavior when people lived next to each other for 20 years and knew all about each
other. I recall when my brother Greg was working on his 1st car, an old clunker, before you
knew it there were 4 neighbor fathers giving advice or actually doing the work.
Regarding Sturges, he was one of the all time great screen play writers, check out his
comedy Hail the Conquering Hero, about Marines home on leave, I defy you not to cry as well
as cheer during the last scene when they leave to go back to the war and maybe death.
The Marine who said the line was a actual decorated combat veteran who had suffered terribly
Anyway, just a suggestion but I think you will enjoy it, check any review.
TheDavBow3 MikefromJersey 47 months ago
Oh yes, the writing/stories were far and away better during the first 5, black and white seasons. Frawley gave such a loveable, wise-ass delivery especially when he was dealing with old ladies 😂. He was a scream when he would refer to these old ladies as "gargoyles" 🤣. He'd make them so mad! Demorest had such a crusty, even mean, way of playing Charley. Never funny. Tim Considine was perfect as oldest brother Mike. I wish the powers that be would have brought him back to guest star here and there in the later seasons. And blonde-headed Chip was best as the youngest brother. I always thought Ernie was a bit annoying and Dodie, much later, was awful. Tina Cole was the best thing to happen in the later seasons! I also very much liked the episode you were referring to. Real Americanna. Hail, The Conquering Hero sounds great! I'll have to find it. Thanks for the advice and insight.
RedSamRackham TheDavBow3 15 months ago
* Demerest as Uncle Charlie never tried to be a Bub-clone! He was a different character doing it his way. Bub left because Frawley's health was failing.
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