What are these M*A*S*H actors selling in old TV commercials?

They promoted computers, beverages, cars, yogurt and more!

How huge was M*A*S*H? Well, the sitcom made the entire ensemble cast celebrities.

Just look at commercials from the era. You could find Col. Potter pitching cereal, Hawkeye hawking computers, Hot Lips flipping hot burgers.

We gathered some of our favorite ads with M*A*S*H actors from back in the day. Take a close look at guess what they are selling!

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  1. In 1979, Loretta Swit pitched this "yogurt of France" with its distinctive containers.
  2. Here is Swit again pitching which card?
  3. Swit also sold fast food in 1985. Recognize this burger?
  4. Alan Alda was the spokesman for this computer brand, which launched this nifty Touch Pad in the early '80s.
  5. Here is McLean Stevenson painting in a Sixties ad. Fill in the blanks: "______ Tastes Good Like Your ______ Should."
  6. Here is Stevenson again in 1969 selling Schlitz. Was was Schlitz?
  7. Much of the cast reunited in commercials in the late '80s for this brand.
  8. Look closely. What kind of product in William Christopher selling here? He's in the bow tie.
  9. Radar! Gary Burghoff is pitching Hi Ho. What is Hi Ho?
  10. Here is Wayne Rogers as a cowboy in 1960, helping sell Purina Dog Chow and the new Western sponsored by the dog-food brand. Which Western was he on?
  11. Mike Ferrell is selling a 1969 Fury here. What automaker sold the Fury?
  12. Col. Potter and his pal "Barney" are selling Gaines Complete. What is Gaines Complete?
  13. Finally, here is Harry Morgan again. Which cereal is he selling?

What are these M*A*S*H actors selling in old TV commercials?

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Cougar90 2 months ago
O.K. Here's the story on Alan Alda and Atari. According to the Indianapolis Star, Alan Alda got millions of dollars for his Atari tv commercials. At the same time, they were laying off 2,000 employees. So much for his being a liberal advocate for people who live in what Hollywood calls "Flyover Country"!!
QazWiz 41 months ago
the last one was a slam dunk... "It takes four bowls of grape-nuts (the most popular "health" cereal at the time, ) four bowls to equal the nutrition of one bowl of Total"
biscuits18521 QazWiz 41 months ago
Was thinking back to the commercial. I almost guessed "both" then I remembered the point of both cereals being in it in the first place so I guessed it right:).
scp 41 months ago
10 out of 13.

#13 was kind of obvious from the picture.
boogerdogger 41 months ago
What I'd give for an ice cold Schlitz right about now!!
Randall 41 months ago
If you look closely in the first photo on the other side of Alan Alda sits Missy Gold From Benson 11 out of 13 not too shaby!
Runeshaper 41 months ago
You got 9 out of 13 - not bad for not using most of these LOL :)
frenchman71 41 months ago
I got 10/13 but I never seen one of these commercials.
lisaiggy 41 months ago
That is a great quiz but you real have to study the pictures. 13 out of 13.
Muleskinner 41 months ago
9/13. I thought the whopper was a Big Mac. 🍔
Runeshaper Muleskinner 41 months ago
That was a tough 1 for sure
Pacificsun 41 months ago
#4 and #10 were hard.
#4 -I was pretty sure Apple didn't make hardware in black. But I'm not swearing to that. I do know Atari was a VERY popular product. And a a Touch Pad seemed perfect for Gamers! But I never knew one existed so long ago.
#10 - I remember Sugarfoot but never heard of Stagecoach West. And our family watched every Western produced. (But obviously not. What a surprise!).

You had to live through the times really, to know the spokespeople and the products. I remember Harry Morgan pitching Gaines Burgers (because it was kind of a novel product).

Wow. Loretta Swit was certainly shopped around. Stellar Agent!
Wiseguy 41 months ago
#11 Mike Farrell not Ferrell.
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