What are these M*A*S*H actors selling in old TV commercials?

They promoted computers, beverages, cars, yogurt and more!

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How huge was M*A*S*H? Well, the sitcom made the entire ensemble cast celebrities.

Just look at commercials from the era. You could find Col. Potter pitching cereal, Hawkeye hawking computers, Hot Lips flipping hot burgers.

We gathered some of our favorite ads with M*A*S*H actors from back in the day. Take a close look at guess what they are selling!

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  1. In 1979, Loretta Swit pitched this "yogurt of France" with its distinctive containers.
  2. Here is Swit again pitching which card?
  3. Swit also sold fast food in 1985. Recognize this burger?
  4. Alan Alda was the spokesman for this computer brand, which launched this nifty Touch Pad in the early '80s.
  5. Here is McLean Stevenson painting in a Sixties ad. Fill in the blanks: "______ Tastes Good Like Your ______ Should."
  6. Here is Stevenson again in 1969 selling Schlitz. Was was Schlitz?
  7. Much of the cast reunited in commercials in the late '80s for this brand.
  8. Look closely. What kind of product in William Christopher selling here? He's in the bow tie.
  9. Radar! Gary Burghoff is pitching Hi Ho. What is Hi Ho?
  10. Here is Wayne Rogers as a cowboy in 1960, helping sell Purina Dog Chow and the new Western sponsored by the dog-food brand. Which Western was he on?
  11. Mike Ferrell is selling a 1969 Fury here. What automaker sold the Fury?
  12. Col. Potter and his pal "Barney" are selling Gaines Complete. What is Gaines Complete?
  13. Finally, here is Harry Morgan again. Which cereal is he selling?

What are these M*A*S*H actors selling in old TV commercials?

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Fred_Clampett 3 months ago
11 of 13. A lot of the photos had some obvious clues.
MrJSB53 3 months ago
10/13 but almost missed the last question. Thought it was a trick
MikefromJersey 3 months ago
"You got 10 out of 13. Were you a commercial success… or do you need a break?"
RobertK 3 months ago
11 of 13. Pretty easy quiz. As it's been lately, the only two I had to guess, I got wrong. My "educated" guesses lately haven't been very educated. Well, as they say, if the shoe fits....🤔😏😕
Jon 3 months ago
12/13 - I don't remember the Atari ads, and I don't think many people now remember Atari.
retro6 3 months ago
9/13 not necessarily a commercial success
LynCarrigan 3 months ago
I can’t remember seeing any commercials with the MASH cast. Doesn’t seem like something Alan Alda would ever do.
Isitme 3 months ago
I never bothered with what the Cast did outside of MASH, so I don’t see 7/13 as such a bad score.
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