Which of these classic TV Westerns came first?

Do you know which show dates back to 1949?

Westerns have been on TV from the very beginning. They reached their heyday in the 1950s and 1960s when dozens of shows were put on the air.

Do you remember what year your favorite westerns premiered on television? Here are twelve pairs of western TV series. See if you can guess which one came first!

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  1. One of these shows debuted on TV in 1949! Which one?
  2. Both of these shows premiered in the 1950s but which one was first?
  3. Which of these two westerns premiered earlier?
  4. Which one of these shows based on real people came first?
  5. Which of these 1950s westerns started before the other?
  6. Both lead actors of these shows went on to star in movies throughout the 1960s. Which show was on TV first?
  7. Which of these westerns started first?
  8. Which of these two came before the other?
  9. Both of these shows ran throughout the sixties into the seventies, but which one started in the fifties?
  10. Which of these 1960s westerns came first?
  11. Which of these shows started earlier?
  12. Which of these family dramas came first?

Which of these classic TV Westerns came first?

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Angela 2 months ago
Only 8/12. How I would love to see The Virginian and The High Chaparrel again!
KellyShort 3 months ago
You got 7 out of 12
TheDavBow3 3 months ago
Great only missed 1! I thought Gunsmoke came before Rin Tin Tin.
Kwdrake 3 months ago
Most of these shows were made the year I was born 1955
JZ6030 3 months ago
9/12. This one was tough. I had to guess on a few and some were only a year different. Well done putting this together.
DIGGER1 3 months ago
Which of these classic TV Westerns came first?
You got 11 out of 12
You handled that quiz well. Great job!
I missed Question # 11. I meant to press the "F TROOP" button, but I hit the "HIGH CHAPARRAL" button by mistake. That happens with me sometimes.
texasluva DIGGER1 3 months ago
You missed? Click.........Kodak moment
Big3Fan 3 months ago
9/12 Looks like I'm Boot Hill bound.
texasluva Big3Fan 3 months ago
Boothill... Boothill..
So cold... so still...
There they lay side by side,
The killers and others reside,
Though no such burial for you
No vacancies what can one do
MeTV wants you to stick around
So you miss a few quizzes and frown
You'll get them ALL right one day,
Then you'll be The Ace we'll all say
biscuits18521 texasluva 3 months ago
Great poem there!
BrianMoore 3 months ago
11 out of 12. Got tripped up on the first question.
Joe 3 months ago
And I never watched any of them. I looked at the age of the title fonts.
AdrMky 3 months ago
You got 11 out of 12
You handled that quiz well. Great job!
Cowgirl 3 months ago
You got 11 out of 12
You handled that quiz well. Great job!
#11 threw me. I remember watching both shows as a child but wasn't sure which one came first. I met Forrest Tucker when I was in college. He was appearing in "That Championship Season" and my Literature class went to see the play. We got to meet the cast afterwords & Mr. Tucker sat on the edge of the state and talked to us. He was a very nice man & I wish I could have gotten his autograph.
texasluva Cowgirl 3 months ago
That is really cool. Would be around 1974 I believe. I remember him in a lot of old Western's and later many spots in TV series types. One he played in a movie called 'The Crawling Eye" 1958. The funny part about that is:
1. The poster for the movie was like 100 times more colorful the the movie itself (Black and white and no so clear video)
2. Almost one you wanted to forget though you do have a giant Eye climbing up the slopes of a mountain to gather more humans. Rated 5.1 which probably a tad too high in my opinion.
Below is one of the posters for the black and white sci-fi movie. I liked Forest Tucker though. .
MrsPhilHarris texasluva 3 months ago
Maybe Svengooli will air that one.
texasluva MrsPhilHarris 3 months ago
LOL. Svengoolie would make a mockery of that Crawling One Eyed creature. I can just hear him now. Here it comes to ruin your day, that one eye crawling creature your way. Its crawling amok to the mountain top. Just what would you say that its ready to slay. One eye no horn crawling people eater. Its a one eyed no horn non-human people eater. That's here to stay.
MrsPhilHarris texasluva 3 months ago
Lol! Love it! 😂
JewelsChuck 3 months ago
9/12– - not bad for a person who doesn’t care to much for western shows. I married one who does and even met a few in person. 😏
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