These classic bands had more than one lead singer — which is your favorite?

Sometimes bands have to switch things up! Which do you prefer?

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Some bands aren't left with any choice but to replace their lead singer. It happens all the time. Other bands, though, have more than one lead singer at the same time. With so much ego at play, it's up to you, the listener, to determine who truly is the lead singer.

Maybe you like the frontman that made them famous. Maybe you prefer the second guy, who had to carry all that weight when he was brought in as a replacement. Or, it could be that you just love it when the bassist sings. The beautiful thing about music is that it's all still there: favoring one singer over another doesn't erase any of it. 

But, when it comes to your personal taste, which singer from each band do you prefer?

  1. AC/DC
  2. Black Sabbath
  3. Genesis
  4. Fleetwood Mac
  5. The Beatles
  6. Eagles
  7. The Band
  8. The Beach Boys
  9. The Grateful Dead
  10. The Clash
  11. CSNY
  12. Pink Floyd
  13. The Cars
  14. KISS
  15. Van Halen

These classic bands had more than one lead singer — which is your favorite?

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TheFanFromUNCLE 5 months ago
Frey or Henley? That's like asking which parent you love best!
dougandandyfan 8 months ago
Johnny Can't Read by Don Henley.
Sarahclops 8 months ago
I may not have seen Paul McCartney but I love him far better than John Lennon.
theoIV 8 months ago
62% seen Roger waters at magic mountain awesome concert the security let me right up to the stage so I could snap pics awesome night
trogg888 8 months ago
Never did like sammy hagar.the rest i liked both
vinman63 8 months ago
The Monkees should have been there if I am not mistaken every one of them sang on the show although it could be a toss up between Mickey and Davy.
johnkov 9 months ago
64%. DLR is Van Halen 🤘
grandpa5741 johnkov 9 months ago
Van Hagar for me. Both were excellent.
David’s screams were the best. 👍
stagebandman 9 months ago
I'm not gonna finish because you've left out too many singers. Only two Beatles? Only two Beach Boys? Only TWO EAGLES? morons.
stagebandman stagebandman 9 months ago
Oh, and Kiss's biggest hit, BETH, was sung by Peter Criss.
BenSobeleone stagebandman 9 months ago
Yep. Beach Boys had Al Jardine, Carl Wilson and Dennis Wilson also doing lead vocals!
RedSamRackham 9 months ago
* 96% Similar though guessed on some of them!
oldmoe51 9 months ago
I’m not big on singers name just the band name and the songs they sing. But Van Halen was just a toss up I like both those singers.
Rob oldmoe51 9 months ago
I agree, I was on the fence on that one.
chris70 9 months ago
Got to be Sammy Hagar for Van Halen and Brian Johnson for AC\DC. The original isn't always the best. 😀
Henderson chris70 9 months ago
Agree, Sammy had a good voice.
George58 9 months ago
I just thought of another band that had probably 7 different lead vocalists. The Guess Who. Rather than list them all, check out this link to their former & current members.
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