Ed Norton vs Edward Norton

How well do you know one from the other?

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One was in Fight Club, the other is a fictional sewer worker. Do you think you know the difference between Art Carney on The Honeymooners and respected present-day actor Edward Norton? They've got the same name, but couldn't be more different.

See just how well you know Art Carney and his most famous character from the guy who used to play The Hulk. It's a fight for media domination with "Norton vs. Norton." Ring the bell!

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  1. Which is an Academy Award recipient?
  2. Who, of these two, is canonically a part of the "Star Wars" universe?
  3. Which one has voiced three different characters on "The Simpsons?"
  4. Who was born in Mount Vernon, New Jersey?
  5. The city of New York renamed the corner of Margaret & Winchester after which actor?
  6. Who is related to the actor that originated the title role Broadway's "Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark?"
  7. Which one is a known supporter of the African Wildlife Foundation?
  8. Which one is a distant cousin of actress Julia Roberts?
  9. Which one was married just once?
  10. Who has starred alongside The Muppets?

Ed Norton vs Edward Norton

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Snickers 23 days ago
7/10 all guesses since I don't know who Edward Norton is.
emTV279 28 days ago
Hey Ralphie Boy! You got 9 out of 10!
Runeshaper 28 days ago
4/10 awful lol 😆 I like them both! lol 😆 Loved Art Carney in Honeymooners and really did like Edward Norton in Glass Onion 🧅
grandpa5741 28 days ago
6/10, one of these days, one of these days……
Muleskinner 29 days ago
7/10. “Not too bad, there, Ralphie Boy”
Zip 29 days ago
Apparently I don't know my Norton's very well.

I do know which Ed Norton did this song though. I first heard this song on Dr. Demento.
cperrynaples Zip 29 days ago
2 bonus questions for Lost Episodes fans ONLY: [1] What song did Ralph & Ed co-write? [2] What kids show became Norton's favorite after Captain Video was cancelled?
MrsPhilHarris 29 days ago
6/10 That was difficult.
Wendy57 KJExpress 29 days ago
Me too. Difficult.
Wendy57 MrsPhilHarris 29 days ago
Yes. Quite a stumper !!
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