Pick: which of these classic artists' albums is your favorite?

Some artists have so many hit albums that it's difficult to even narrow it down, much less pick a favorite!


Some artists have that one album they're known for, the album. Other artists are so talented that music fans still debate decades later which album of theirs is their best work. It's really a testament to their staying power that there's no right answer; each of these albums have something that you could argue makes it the best.

Today in the time of streaming, it's easy to pick a hit or two off an album and ignore the rest. However, those who lived in the era of vinyl, cassette, or CD know that isn't how it always was. No, you bought the full album when you liked a song! And more often than not, you would discover a deep cut that you liked almost as much — if not more — than the chart-toppers.

We've picked a few artists who have multiple well-known albums. Tell us your favorite!

  1. Elton John had so many hit albums, it was hard to pick only three, but we did our best. Which of these is your favorite?
  2. We already know that some of you will get mad at the albums we had to leave off, but can you blame us? It's The Beatles! Out of these three, which is your favorite?
  3. Now we get to The King: Elvis! Which of his albums is your must-have?
  4. Now a different king... the King of Pop! Which Michael Jackson album is your favorite?
  5. Let's throw some Queen in there with the other royalty... what's the best Queen album?
  6. What about Madonna?
  7. Led Zeppelin's album titles are pretty self-explanatory.
  8. How about Pink Floyd?
  9. What about "The Voice"... what Whitney Houston album is your pick?
  10. Which Eagles album is your favorite?
  11. What AC/DC album is your favorite?
  12. What about the piano man himself, Billy Joel?

Pick: which of these classic artists' albums is your favorite?

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JERRY6 13 months ago
most i could not care there were so many other Floyd albums to choose from . like the Syd Barret days and Zep not much of a choice all that were shown were good in their own way AC/dc ?
Matsui 13 months ago
Thriller & Like a Virgin among my All Time favorites from the 80s
WayneKeith 14 months ago
My friends in HS were all ga-ga over the Eagles but I never cared for their music.
Mob39 14 months ago
You got 85% similar

You got 85% similar to the most popular responses
JohnAustin79 15 months ago
I got 71% similar. I got two answers wrong. I chose the wrong albums for Queen and Pink Floyd. I like Dark Side Of The Moon by Pink Floyd but, in my opinion, Wish You Were Here is a better album from them.

And, for Queen, I chose The Game because I really like that album a lot, especially the song "Dragon Attack". But, apparently, A Night At The Opera is the more popular album choice from them. Good quiz, MeTV 🙂👍!
timothys71 JohnAustin79 15 months ago
No "right" or "wrong" answers on this one!
grandpa5741 15 months ago
It’s still rock and roll to me 🎸
Moriyah 15 months ago
I'm 94% similar! Did you know that I'm about to go see the Eagles at the end of this month?!
FLETCH Moriyah 15 months ago
Yes, I knew that!
Lacey 15 months ago
I think we all still have Dark side of the Moon and Thriller.
RobertK 15 months ago
69% I knew the 70's and early 80's like the back of my hand. Heavy metal rock, Madonna and any "head banging" music, not so much... Classic Rock seems to be it's own genre now. It's great that I still have the original LPs I bought in the 70's, Who would ever think that vinyl would make a comeback. I just heard this week that vinyl LPs have outsold CDs for the first time since 1987! My old Gerrard turntable is still raring to go, already on it's 3rd drive belt!
Kramden62 15 months ago
44%. Never cared for AC/DC, Elton John or the featured Elvis albums (I have Elvis' greatest hits on a 2-CD compilation). I *do* like some of his later albums, however (e.g. "Aloha From Hawaii").
Sooner 15 months ago
You need to have a box for none, as there are several in there I don't and wouldn't listen to.
WilliamJorns Sooner 15 months ago
Same here...I just picked at random from those artists I don't listen to.
Riff60 15 months ago
74% similar. I'm in good company
mdit21 15 months ago
Yes, some of us have been through the vinyl, cassette, CD, and streaming eras

...and now the resurgence of vinyl.😊

(Belated Heavenly Happy Birthday to Supreme Mary Wilson!❤️🎶🎈🎂🎈🎶❤️)
JazEveGan mdit21 15 months ago
Don't forget the 8-track
lynngdance 15 months ago
68% similar.

Here’s some under-appreciated songs from the three Billy Joel Albums mentioned. 😄
Moriyah lynngdance 15 months ago
I love Billy Joel! He has some of the best songs out there!
timothys71 lynngdance 15 months ago
I own the "An Innocent Man" album and agree that "This Night" is a great song! An interesting bit of musical trivia: Although that song is done in a straight-ahead doo-wop style, part of the melody is adapted from a piano sonata by the classical composer Beethoven.
Catman 15 months ago
Just wanna say that Zeppelin's best album was their first one.
WayneKeith Catman 14 months ago
They never made a bad one.
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