Did these classic actors release music?

Imagine playing a song released by your favorite actor. It's almost every fan's dream.

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Would you listen to an album or song released by your favorite classic actor? Well, some of them already released music before, during or after their time on their shows. Let's say we give you a list of classic actors. Would you be able to guess which ones put out some tunes?

Good luck!

  1. Did Lorne Greene ever release music?
  2. Did Carol Burnett ever release music?
  3. Did Eva Gabor ever release music?
  4. Did Jackie Gleason ever release music?
  5. Did Andy Griffith ever release music?
  6. Did Mr. T ever release music?
  7. Did Richard Boone ever release music?
  8. Did Dawn Wells ever release music?
  9. Did Vicki Lawrence ever release music?

Did these classic actors release music?

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