Pick: Which ooky Addams Family food would you rather eat?

Now serving porcupine cookies, flambeau of jellyfish and scorpion stew.

Whatever most “normal” people are doing, you can be sure the Addams family is doing the opposite. They soak up the nighttime rays of the moon, go out in fun stormy weather and use the happy color black as much as possible.

The spooky and kooky clan also have extremely unique taste in cuisine, which really exemplifies the meaning of the word ooky.

Here are ten pairs of dishes mentioned in the classic sitcom. Pick which one sounds best to you (relatively speaking) see how similar your tastes are to everyone else!

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  1. Let's start with something relatively edible. Which of these dishes would you rather try?
  2. Yak is an Addams favorite. How would you like yours prepared?
  3. Would you go for the soufflé or the Shakespeare inspired fillet?
  4. The Addams' do seafood a little differently. Which one would you rather eat?
  5. Imagine a lovely moonlit picnic. Which would you bring along?
  6. Which would warm you up on a cold day?
  7. We imagine these at a nice thunderstorm barbecue. Which would you try hot off the grill?
  8. These seem like they would have some kick. Which would you rather eat?
  9. These two dishes are supposed to be very nutritious. Which would you have?
  10. Which ooky dessert would you have after your meal?

Pick: Which ooky Addams Family food would you rather eat?

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L 16 days ago
I'm pretty sure you can actually eat yak. Probably gamey, have to marinate it, but edible.

Camel is also edible but I read that dromedaries (one hump) taste better than bactrian (two humps).

You can eat mongoose and but not the way Addams prepare it.

My mother used to make porcupines (which are actually just meatballs with rice). I always wondered what real porcupines taste like.

In the real world, most animals are edible BTW.

PinkiePie 1 month ago
Ewwww, 😂 these are all so yucky sounding!🤢
Katzi PinkiePie 12 days ago
I got nauseous taking this!!
RichLorn 1 month ago
The problem with Salamander Puffs is 30 minutes later you're hungry again.
Wenatchee7 1 month ago
90% but you would have to lock me in Turkish prison to get me to try any of them.
JERRY6 1 month ago
70% similar , bunch of sick people here
vinman63 1 month ago
Nothing beats burnt toast and a rotten egg especially when tou have a tape worm.
sputnik_57 1 month ago
80% They ate some nasty stuff...so did the Munsters and the Beverley Hillbillies.
vinman63 1 month ago
I heard blue eye tadpole is great when in season.
Chavella13 1 month ago
70% similar to most responses… interesting, I only can see part of each show
Muleskinner 1 month ago
90% similar. Yum yum! ☠️👻🤖
Dario 1 month ago
40% similar! Oh boy! 😂😂😂😂😂
Plbrown76 1 month ago
I'd love to hang out with the Addams family but I think I would be going on a full stomach.
Kevinthompson1 1 month ago
I got 90% I guess walnut shells in sour milk wasn't a hit.
I picked that one!!
Dario TheDavBow3 1 month ago
Me too! 😁
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