Can you guess the right Monk catchphrase?

Do you know all the quirky detective’s favorite sayings?

Adrian Monk is beloved by TV fans not despite his quirks and peculiarities but because of them. He might have a long list of phobias but his brilliant detective skills are unmatched.

Like many great TV characters, Monk has a few phrases he likes to say from time to time, or in some cases, all the time.

How well do you know the habits and sayings of the idiosyncratic detective as well as other characters in Monk? Try to guess the right quotes for these different situations!

  1. When Monk reveals everything in the end.
  2. After touching something Monk considers dirty, even just shaking someone's hand.
  3. How Monk describes his quirks and detective skills.
  4. After Monk cleans something or straightens something out for someone, usually unprompted.
  5. Monk’s attempt at humility.
  6. When he spots the murderer, even if it seems impossible.
  7. Monk prefers round foods like pancakes (and even tomatoes) in what shape?
  8. If he doesn’t have his own water, what is Monk most likely to ask at a restaurant?
  9. What does Sharona call Monk’s method of observing a crime scene?
  10. Randy Disher often jumps to what conclusion when coming up with a theory?

Can you guess the right Monk catchphrase?

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Gayleistoons 1 month ago
9/10 ....Ive never heard Randy repeatedly say serial killer 😕
Allison 6 months ago
9/10 got the Sharona question wrong
Astrodomania 6 months ago
Perfect Score. Adrian would be proud, but would probably offer to wipe down my phone after each quiz.
Gayleistoons 6 months ago
9/10....and I disagree, Randy doesn't say that every time
RichLorn 6 months ago
4+1+3+2 / 5 x 2
I deduced the answers with mathematical precision.
Heavenly70 6 months ago
5/10 I don't watch this show. All guesses.
bemims Heavenly70 6 months ago
You should watch it. It really funny
Chavella13 6 months ago
2/10 I don’t really pay attention to catchphrases
grandpa5741 7 months ago
8/10 I wasn’t “Monk”ing around here
CarolKelley 7 months ago
10/10. I'm currently suffering through a Monk drought since Hallmark Movies and Mysteries is doing their annual holiday movie thing. H&I shows Monk all Tuesday afternoon though.
RichLorn CarolKelley 6 months ago
Sundance channel also shows it on Sat & Sun mornings.
TinaMarieHaddadRhodes 7 months ago
10/10 Easy I love watching Monk. He doesn’t need all this CSI crap to solve a murder.🤔
AlF 7 months ago
10, baby! Yeah!

Missed a catchphrase, though: "Vomiting?" "And then death..." "Vomiting??"
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