How well do you know Uncle Fester from The Addams Family?

Whose uncle is he, anyway?


Uncle Fester is one of the kookiest characters in TV’s ookiest family. He enjoys strange and often dangerous activities, is very fond of torture devices and even has special powers!

How well do you know this fan-favorite member of The Addams Family? Take the quiz below to find out!

  1. What is the first name of the former child star who played Uncle Fester?
  2. What special ability does Uncle Fester have?
  3. What unique bed does Uncle Fester have?
  4. Which one of these Fester episodes is NOT real?
  5. In the original Sixties TV series, how is Fester related to the family?
  6. What did Uncle Fester name his antique blunderbuss musket?
  7. Which activity do Uncle Fester and Pugsley like to do together?
  8. What dangerous activity does Uncle Fester like to do inside the house?
  9. Where does Uncle Fester like to go to watch the lightning?
  10. Uncle Fester knows he’s sick because his tongue is blue when it’s supposed to be…

How well do you know Uncle Fester from The Addams Family?

Your Result...

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robyni23 25 months ago
You got 7 out of 10
Was this quiz as easy as relaxing in the moonlight or more like a bed of nails?
Missed 4, 5 & 10
Bob 31 months ago
9/10. I thought he only rode the motorcycle in 1 episode.
ELEANOR 31 months ago
5/10 is pretty good in my book as most of them were educated guesses.
dmirarh ELEANOR 31 months ago
5 out of 10.. "educated" guesses... yeah, okay...
Mymylynn 31 months ago
9/10 should have been 10/0 because this is on of my all time favorite sitcoms.
babyboomer56 Mymylynn 19 months ago
I love it too. It should have been on longer.
harlow1313 31 months ago
Were I a Metv programmer, I would make a sandwich of "The Addams Family," one hour of "Dark Shadows," and "The Munsters."

Year round, I am in an autumnal and Halloween state of mind.
Kissfan7 harlow1313 31 months ago
That sounds GREAT!!
Bob harlow1313 31 months ago
I'd watch that
Sally 31 months ago
7 out of 10. It's been awhile since I watched this show. :)
Stoney 31 months ago
10 for 10. Uncle Fester is my favorite from that show, even though I do a better impression of Lurch lol
rahaindy 31 months ago
8/10 didn’t know sword swilling was safe.
Claude rahaindy 31 months ago
And.... I remember seeing at least one episode where he does swallow a sword.
So, I figured that one was a cinch.
Claude 31 months ago
This comment has been removed.
Bob Claude 31 months ago
Same here
frankhowarth43 31 months ago
9 out of 10. Wasn’t sure who's uncle he was
Yeah, I guessed Gomez. In a Gunsmoke episode, John Astin played a cousin of Festus.
Douglas 31 months ago
7/10! missed numebers 7,8,9, and 10.
RichLorn Douglas 31 months ago
Douglas, are you testing us to see if we are paying attention? Missing 4 questions is 6/10.
dmirarh RichLorn 31 months ago
Douglas, are you high?
Douglas Douglas 19 months ago
note to self! missed numbers 7, 8, and 9. I did not count right.
Douglas RichLorn 19 months ago
I miscounted.
DanDolgin 31 months ago
7 / 10, I know Fester fairly well considering I don't watch the show very much. I watched the first 2 months of the Addams Family on METV. Fester reminds me of Curly on the 3 Stooges.

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