What decade did these TV elders get their start in Hollywood?

Who started as a child actor and who entered show business later in life?


Actors of a certain age portrayed some of the most beloved characters on TV in the Sixties and Seventies. Most of them were Hollywood veterans who got their start in noir movies, Westerns or comedies decades before television became popular. But a few lived entire lives, had a career, raised a family, before ever becoming an actor.

Here are 15 elders from classic shows. Can you guess what decade each one started?

  1. Frances Bavier started her career in which decade?
  2. Jackie Coogan started as a kid in silent films in the...
  3. Irene Ryan started in comedy shorts in the...
  4. Carroll O'Connor started his career in which decade?
  5. Vicki Lawrence was an elder in character only. When did she start on TV?
  6. Harry Morgan's first role came alongside Randolph Scott and Maureen O'Hara in 'To the Shores of Tripoli' released in which decade?
  7. Burt Mustin was in countless shows and movies, including appearing in Mayberry. What decade did his showbiz career start?
  8. Barbara Stanwyck was a noir leading lady before she was a TV ranch owner. What decade did her career start?
  9. One of Jim Backus' first movies was 'Easy Living' with Lucille Ball in the...
  10. Hank Patterson started in background roles in Westerns in the...
  11. Merie Earle appeared in many classic shows including as Maude Gormley in The Waltons. What decade did her Hollywood career begin?
  12. Speaking of The Waltons, beloved grandpa Will Geer started acting in which decade?
  13. Grandma Walton, Ellen Corby, started in a different decade than her onscreen husband. Which one was it?
  14. Milburn Stone got his start in movies like Rendezvous with Rosalind Russell in which decade?
  15. Paul Fix started his career at 24-years-old in which decade?

What decade did these TV elders get their start in Hollywood?

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VAC 21 months ago
0/15. Like life I suck at this stuff.
Lillyrose 33 months ago
3 out of 15. Harry Morgan was also on Dragnet. Ellen Corby was in an episode of "I Love Lucy." She played Miss Hannah.
JZ6030 33 months ago
10/15. Although I knew all of these actors I tried to take some educational guesses, I guess I’m not that educated. 😄
Randall 33 months ago
Jim Backus has always been one of my favorites He never turned anything down, the year before he became MAROONED , 1963 he acted in no less than 8 movies, now that is work ethic! He figured the good ones would be remembered! Make sure to see him as a well-marinated Small airplane pilot in 1963s IT"s a MAD, MAD, MAD, world! CLASSIC BACKUS!!
TVFF 33 months ago
I got 3 out of 15. My worst one ever.
RichLorn 33 months ago
5/15. But it was touch and go right down to the finish. NOT
Jeffrey 33 months ago
"You got 8 out of 15" ---------Looks like some of these questions had you trapped. Better luck next time! I got 2, 7, 9, 11, 12, 13, & 15 WRONG!
TSeym22 33 months ago
7/15 Randomly guessed on every one.
MrBill 33 months ago
6/15; tough quiz - had to guess on all of them.
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