Pick: What would you watch on TV in 1981?

TV was in red, green and blue — with Mork, Hulk and the Smurfs.

Image: Unsplash / Tracy Thomas

It's 1981 and the times are changing. The Reagan Era has begun. Disco is dead. A new cable channel called MTV has started up and suddenly there seem to be far more options — if you're willing to pay.

Well, we're all about free TV so we're sticking with the networks. Here's what you could find on the television that year. Pick what you would watch in 1981 and see how your choices stack up against the others.
  1. We begin on a Monday. The first work and school day of the week is over. Now settle in and watch something at 9PM.
  2. Here's a typical Tuesday lineup. Turn the knob to a channel at 8PM.
  3. What about Wednesday, you ask? Well, here's the Hump Day menu. What's on your TV at 8:30PM — comedy, superheroes or reality?
  4. On Thursday evening at 8PM are you in the mood for outer space or something more down to earth?
  5. Okay, now that you're comfortable on the sofa. Pick something at 9:30PM on a Thursday evening.
  6. Here are the options at 8PM on a Friday night. Why go out?
  7. It's the best part of the week — Saturday morning. Plop on the floor and pick a cartoon at 9AM.
    Image: CBS
  8. No reason to budge. Refill the cereal bowl and pick something at 10:30AM.
    Image: CBS
  9. We've arrived at Sunday evening. Your belly is full of meatloaf and peas. What's on the tube at 8:30PM?
    Image: The Everett Collection
  10. Sweet! The following Monday is a holiday! Since you don't have to be anywhere, watch something at 11AM.
  11. Finally, here's one for the adults. What national evening news would be on in your household?
    Image: AP Photo

Pick: What would you watch on TV in 1981?

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Terrence 1 month ago
Some of these shows I either hated or never watch
56% similar
nerakr 1 month ago
5% similar. But then, in 1981 the only channel we could get consistently was our local NBC affiliate. Didn't give us much of a choice.
Filmnoirfan 7 months ago
87 percent similar - watched a lot of tv in the early 80's instead of doing home work. Of course, late Sunday nights were reserved for Benny Hill reruns and followed the next night by Monday Night Football
JDnHuntsvilleAL 7 months ago
Come on MeTV -- you need to start adding "NONE OF THE ABOVE" to these selections!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I agree. Only 41%.

But, although I later watched the Hulk, I did enjoy "Harper Valley P.T.A." In the summer of 1981, my Dad (may he rest in peace) and I went to California to visit my grandparents (may they also rest in peace), and we went to see the Universal Studios Hollywood tour. I remember seeing the set where "Harper Valley" was filmed. ("The Incredible Hulk" was also made at Universal, but I don't remember seeing any parts of the lot where that show was filmed.)
Dario 10 months ago
69% similar. 😁😁😁😁😁
DerekBird 10 months ago
71% similar
71% similar to the most popular responses
TheFanFromUNCLE 10 months ago
60%. I can't understand why people would watch Love Boat reruns than watch The Price Is Right.
idkwut2use 21 months ago
Got 78%, but it got haaarrrrd...:s
DIGGER1 32 months ago
Pick: What would you watch on TV in 1981?
47% similar
47% similar to the most popular responses
RickeyMulkey 32 months ago
62% similar
62% similar to the most popular responses
Joe 33 months ago
I didn't even take the survey. Most of those shows I didn't watch because they "jumped the shark" several seasons earlier.
Runeshaper 37 months ago
71% similar
71% similar to the most popular responses
KevinMeerschaert 41 months ago
Buck Rogers in the 15th Century? Did he meet Johannes Gutenberg?
Snickers KevinMeerschaert 12 months ago
Guess he time traveled in the wrong direction.
ndebrabant 42 months ago

71% similar
71% similar to the most popular responses
MaryHelen 44 months ago
there should be a choice for "Other" or "none-- i selected some only because these were not the-- for eg. I have not watched Sat am tv/cartoons since I was a kid-- mighty mouse and heckle and jeckle come to mind
Amalthea MaryHelen 42 months ago
Really. While I loved Saturday morning cartoons, I didn't watch any of the ones they listed.
Filmnoirfan Amalthea 7 months ago
they ended before I woke up
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