Can you identify these villains from '70s children's shows?

Rise to the challenge or risk being foiled again.

The bad guys in cartoons and kids shows help underline the moral of the day's story, and thus are a crucial part of each episode's plot.

In the 1970s, kids were introduced to Sid and Marty Krofft's wonderful imaginations. On shows like H.R. Pufnstuf, The Bugaloos and Land of the Lost, children dipped into fanciful worlds with magic flutes, dinosaurs and the Tranquility Forest. 

Although Muppets and Sesame Street characters may enjoy more mass popularity (and longevity), the sheer diversity of the Krofft output is stunning when you look back at it. And some of their best characters were the villains, made extra memorable by funny names that relied on giggle-inducing adjectives and a good amount of alliteration.

Below, we've pulled a selection of antagonists from Krofft shows, plus some other major hits on air in the 1970s like Captain Kangaroo. If you kept up with all these kids' shows, this quiz will be a cakewalk. If not, you just may end up "foiled again." Good luck!
  1. Who is the cartoon villain that Dudley Do-Right had to deal with?
    Image: Disney–ABC Domestic Television/YouTube
  2. Who is this scary phantom of 'The Muppet Show'?
    Image: Disney–ABC Domestic Television/YouTube
  3. What was the cackling witch from 'H.R. Pufnstuf' called?
    Image: CBS Television Distribution/YouTube
  4. Who was this mess of a monster from 'Jabberwocky'?
    Image: WCVB-TV/YouTube
  5. Who was the sorceress who frequently challenged Electra Woman and Dyna Girl on 'The Krofft Supershow'?
    Image: Disney–ABC Domestic Television/YouTube
  6. What were the reptilian creatures from 'Land of the Lost' called?
    Image: CBS Television Distribution/YouTube
  7. Who is this hot-tempered magician who appeared in 'Lidsville'?
    Image: Disney–ABC Domestic Television/Tumblr
  8. Who was Tom Terrific's foe from the cartoons you watched on 'Captain Kangaroo'?
    Image: CBS Television Distribution/YouTube
  9. Who was this terrible singer whose extreme envy caused trouble for 'The Bugaloos'?
    Image: CBS Television Distribution/Pinterest
  10. Who was this pained director whose short fuse interrupted all the fun on 'Uncle Croc's Block'?
    Image: NBCUniversal Television Distribution/YouTube

Can you identify these villains from '70s children's shows?

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VaughnBaskin 21 months ago
Curses! I've got 10 out of a 10!
idkwut2use 21 months ago
7, though I’ve only really seen maybe half. ;; My parents probably remember most.
WILD 21 months ago
You got 8 out of 10
"I'm so happy, I could zap the world!" That's the cry of triumph Witchiepoo gave before launching into the song "Zap the World" in the 1970 movie Pufnstuf. You definitely zapped this quiz. I never saw Tom Terrific or Uncle Croc's Block (I've never heard of this show).
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