Pick: What would you listen to on the radio in 1980?

Do your tastes run more Queen, the King of Pop or Kenny?

The radio delivered loads of hits in 1980. People were ready to ring in a new decade with new sounds, from electronic dance to new-wave to slick country ballads.

All of these songs continue to remain favorites today, 40 years later. Most of them hit No. 1 on the charts back then. 

Let's take a spin through the dial in 1980. Pretends these top hits from each month are playing at the same time on the radio. Which one would you listen to? See how your tastes compare!

  1. We start in January. Are you in the mood for Kenny, MJ… or piña coladas and getting caught in the rain?
  2. In February are you ready to rock, soft rock… or for Summer?
  3. Do you march to a different beat in March?
  4. In April are you hungry for Blondie, Billy… or yacht rock?
  5. In May are you heading for Funkytown… or elsewhere in your "Cars"?
  6. As summer arrives, will you listen to a Beatle, Bette or Bob?
  7. Which of these rock legends will soundtrack your July BBQ?
  8. In August, will you go sailing… or to 'Xanadu'?
  9. Which September song will "live forever"?
  10. As fall arrives, will you rock Freddie, Babs… or Devo?
  11. November was a month full of country and funk.
  12. Finally, which track will be your present in December?

Pick: What would you listen to on the radio in 1980?

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JERRY6 29 months ago
This is all comercial radio jubk , i could not listen to the choices given , maybe 2 or 3 songs listed . where is the good stuff . the list above is easy listening go to sleep music
biscuits18521 35 months ago
77% similar. And they forgot the first "s" in Genesis in question 8.
jimmyvici 36 months ago
82 %. Some of those songs listed, no bueno.
Evan 36 months ago
Wish I could've had the choice of "none of the above" on a few.
JERRY6 Evan 29 months ago
agree terrible list for a decade of great music
Diz 36 months ago
50%. Acts who had fave records of mine in 1980 not mentioned in the quiz: Utopia, XTC, Hall & Oates, Pretenders, Ian Hunter, Peter Gabriel - though I do understand that the quiz was based on what would have been heard on top 40 radio.
hippychick 36 months ago
I listened to a lot of rock back then and still do but back in the 80’s it was a lot of big hair bands and none of them were abvailable to choose from
FrankCollins 36 months ago
There were some great songs in 1980. The quiz rarely picked the best songs of the month.
MrsPhilHarris 36 months ago
65%. Some were none of the above.
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