Out of all these M*A*S*H truths, can you figure out which one is the lie?

Here's the truth: M*A*S*H is one of the most iconic TV series ever, and we want to test your knowledge of it.

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M*A*S*H gave its viewers so much to look forward to during the 11 years it was on air. The series gave us Alan Alda, Loretta Swit, Gary Burghoff, along with the rest of the 4077th crew. It also gave viewers hope and provided laughter during the 11 seasons.

A big part of what makes M*A*S*H special was the impact the series had on the country during the 1970s. We want to test your knowledge of this iconic series. We are taking it to the 4077th to test your M*A*S*H memory.

You will be given three statements, and your job is to pick which statement you think is a lie. Good luck!

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  1. Which fact about M*A*S*H is the lie:
  2. Which fact about M*A*S*H is the lie:
  3. Which fact about M*A*S*H is the lie:
  4. Which fact about M*A*S*H is the lie:
  5. Which fact about M*A*S*H is the lie:
  6. Which fact about M*A*S*H is the lie:
  7. Which fact about M*A*S*H is the lie:
  8. Which fact about M*A*S*H is the lie:
  9. Which fact about M*A*S*H is the lie:
  10. Which fact about M*A*S*H is the lie:

Out of all these M*A*S*H truths, can you figure out which one is the lie?

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Adamtwelvia 1 month ago
I could have sworn I read somewhere Harry Morgan WAS a painter in real life.
Moverfan 13 months ago
Wouldn't you have loved to go on those early shopping trips for Klinger's wardrobe? People just standing there looking through the dresses and skirts...then suddenly the wardrobe people turn to Jamie Farr and ask "Well, what do you think? Would you wear this? Should we see if they have other colors?" (Handmade or off the rack, he did look lovely!)
Adamtwelvia Moverfan 1 month ago
That's why we loved him!
72doug 14 months ago
8/10! missed numbers 8 and 10.
MrPerfect 14 months ago
10/10. Captain Tuttle strikes again.
STTOS 14 months ago
You got 4 out of 10 - The truth is... Hawkeye was hoping you would've got a higher score. Brush up on your M*A*S*H memory with another quiz. I should have got at least 6 because I kept looking for the one that was TRUE. So if the first option was TRUE I clicked on it and got it wrong. Plus #7 is a little deceiving. It said the first option is the lie with the reasoning that "Gary Burghoff was the only actor in the M*A*S*H film asked to be in the series." That may be true but the first option says "There were four actors in the M*A*S*H series that were also in the M*A*S*H film (1970)." It didn't say that were "asked to be in the series" it says "also in the series". G. Wood, played General Hammond in both the movie and the series and guitar player Corey Fischer (not Loudon Wainwright III) was in the movie and series playing two different characters. I figured there had to be a fourth that I could not remembe so I figured the first option was correct and not the LIE. Even if they were the only 3 actors to be in both the series and movie (and thus not 4 making it the LIE), the reason about Gary Burghoff is not entirely true. He was the only regular cast member but there were other actors (and probably an acrtress or two) who appeared in both the movie and the series.
dodgebob 14 months ago
Coming from a life of being average, 5/10 is as good as being perfect, mediocrity,
Jon 14 months ago
8C I guessed was a lie. Loretta Swit missed about 4 episodes and appeared very little in a 4th in Season 4 because she left early to appear in a production of "Same Time, Next Year", more than just the 1 that the "truth" states.
jvf 14 months ago
I'm confused about #4. "Gary Burghoff was the only regular actor to leave the series without being replaced." That's not really true. Klinger replaced him as clerk.
Moverfan jvf 14 months ago
True...but Trapper, Henry and Frank were all replaced [for want of a better term] by brand new characters. Klinger just took on a new job as company clerk...once he sobered up from that drinking binge he and BJ went on that one night, anyway.
jvf Moverfan 14 months ago
Ah, thank you for clarifying that.
Wiseguy70005 14 months ago
More lies: There are 255 episodes of M*A*S*H (there are 251 CBS BROADCASTS which is different). Also G. Wood portrayed the same character in two episodes of M*A*S*H and in the movie. Also Timothy Brown and Corey Fischer appeared in both the movie and series but playing different characters.
joekapp 14 months ago
#7 The actor who played sparky was seen only once or twice in the series. He also played the radio operator in the movie (not a part of radar's job description - too much to do for one person in a real MASH outfit). Yes they were minor roles at best.
Cougar90 joekapp 12 months ago
He only appeared once in the Captain Tuttle episode.
Coldnorth 14 months ago
I was in the Twilight Zone when I took this quiz. I can’t reveal my score it is too embarrassing
Moverfan Coldnorth 14 months ago
Relax, you're among friends...and we still love you.
Coldnorth Moverfan 14 months ago
That is very kind of you to say. You made my night. I feel the same about you
Peter_Falk_Fan 14 months ago
8/10 I had a couple of lucky guesses.
frenchman71 14 months ago
Wayne Rogers was sued for breach of contract? I know he said in an interview if he had known MASH would be so popular, he never would've left. And he didn't like playing second banana to Alda.
Coldnorth frenchman71 14 months ago
In most episodes I like Trapper better than Hawkeye. Certainly funnier. Not a second 🍌
frenchman71 Coldnorth 14 months ago
Gotta agree. I always liked Trapper. At times he was funnier than Hawkeye. And the early seasons, uo to & including season 5, were the best. I'm also including Henry & Frank Burns.
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