Can you guess which M*A*S*H cast and crew are from Illinois?

How many of the cast and creators hailed from the Land of Lincoln?

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The casting process of M*A*S*H couldn't have been an easy feat. With the success of the 1970 movie, the general public already had preconceived notions of who these characters were and what they looked like. After all, who'd want to step into Hawkeye Pierce's shoes after they were filled by Donald Sutherland? It's no easy task shining out from under the shadow of Elliott Gould's Trapper John McIntyre.

To say that the TV series was well-cast is an understatement. Today, casual fans and diehards alike now recognize the television cast as the definitive versions of these characters. It was a matter of time. M*A*S*H, the movie, had 116 minutes to establish itself. The TV show had 128 hours

But when casting for the show was over, and all the roles were filled, how many of the cast and creators hailed from the Land of Lincoln? The frequency with which Illinois pops up in the actors' and writers' biographies might surprise you!

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  1. Where is Alan Alda from?
  2. What about Father Mulcahy, William Christopher?
  3. Do you know where McLean Stevenson is from?
  4. Loretta Swit played "Hot Lips" Houlihan. From where does she hail?
  5. Where was Harry Morgan (Col. Potter) born?
  6. David Ogden Stiers was Major Winchester on M*A*S*H. Where is Stiers from?
  7. We know Mike Farrell as Capt. Hunnicut. But, do you know where he's from?
  8. Trapper John was played by Wayne Rogers. Where was Rogers born?
  9. How about series creator/producer Larry Gelbart?

Can you guess which M*A*S*H cast and crew are from Illinois?

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JeffPaul76 9 months ago
"You got 8 out of 9 -----Time to celebrate!" ---I got #2 wrong. I didn't know where William Christopher was from.
RobertK 11 months ago
8 of 9. I didn't think I'd do well at all on this one. I'm from Wisconsin, looks like a lot of the answers did a little border hopping!
Coldnorth RobertK 11 months ago
Hi Robert’s dancing frog. I love that avitar
TheFanFromUNCLE 11 months ago
Larry Gelbart was a complete guess. 9/9.
Concrete64 11 months ago
4/9.....well, how the heck do I know where they're from?
Avie 11 months ago
"To say that the TV series was well-casted is an understatement."

Was well-CAST. The past tense of cast is...CAST.
dodgebob 11 months ago
8/9, missed Wayne Rodgers, he looks like a flat lander, I must have missed an identifying key.
DylanSelf dodgebob 11 months ago
Wayne was from Alabama.
barrier 11 months ago
100% guessing! Got 9/9. Still love this show!
JeffPaul76 11 months ago
"Can you guess which M*A*S*H cast and crew are from Illinois?" ---"You got 7 out of 9. ---Time to celebrate!" ----I got #s 2 and 3 wrong.
Moody 11 months ago
What's with this obsession with MASH at this network? They keep adding more time slots to this show. I have always liked the show, mainly the first 4 or 5 seasons but this is ridiculous. There must be a sponsor that is a big fan of the show. C'mon guys give it a rest for a while. There are other shows that advertisers will pay for in that time slot I'm sure. I think your long time viewers deserve a refreshed schedule. Please?
Bricat2001 Moody 11 months ago
Now that I think about it, there are a lot of shows on here that have been on the schedule for a long time, Id rather they do a massive rehaul of the schedule, especially super sci-fi Saturday night and the detective shows in the morning, getting sick of ITHOTN
AllisonWunderland Moody 11 months ago
Wow! I guess I’m really not missing much without MeTV 🤣
Andybandit 11 months ago
I got 7/9. I got #2 and #5 wrong. I did better than I thought.
Wenatchee7 11 months ago
7/9 Guessed on most of them. Next thing you know they'll ask us which M*A*S*H characters didn't go to Kindergarten.
Maverick66 11 months ago
6/9. All but two (Alda & Stevenson) were guesses.
MrPerfect 11 months ago
9/9. Done and done and I'm on to the next one...
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