It takes a true Trekkie to identify all these shapes from Star Trek: The Original Series

It takes the mind of a Vulcan to ace this.

Captain! We are pulling up some unidentified objects on the viewscreen.

We need you and your crew to help us figure out these dozen mysteries. Dig deep into your knowledge of Star Trek to identify these strange forms! 

Good luck!

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  1. What is this?
  2. What is this?
  3. What would the crew use this for?
  4. Captain! We have a ship on the screen! Who is it?
  5. This is a "Lirpa." What is that?
  6. Captain, a ship is reaching out to us with this symbol. Are they friendly or evil?
  7. Lieutenant, can you identify this species?
  8. In which episode would you find this creature?
  9. What is this creature?
  10. Which Enterprise crew member would typically use this?
  11. This giant cone was floating in space as the title threat in which episode?
  12. In the above episode, which Starfleet ship wears this insignia?

It takes a true Trekkie to identify all these shapes from Star Trek: The Original Series

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hskene 11 months ago
10 out of 12, guess I am just a slacker
graceful1970 11 months ago
You got 7 out of 12
Pass or fail, may you live long and prosper.
Moverfan 12 months ago
10/12. Missed #9 and #10--pretty good when you consider I love the novels and the movies, but I cannot get into any version of the TV show. (No, I can't explain it, either...)
JERRY6 12 months ago
12 of course to easy for a star trek junkie
jeanninerobinm 12 months ago
Can you put Ironsides on now?
That would be cool Ironside wow I remember when me and my uncle would watch that
djw1120 12 months ago
I am a true "Trekkie".
12 out of 12
Never a doubt in my mind.
AllisonWunderland 12 months ago
No wunder I didn’t take the quiz 28 months ago 🥴
MrPerfect 12 months ago
12/12...AGAIN !!! So easy even a Klingon could do it.
Stranger56 12 months ago
12/ Darth Vader said "Too Easy".
ELEANOR 12 months ago
I think that I heard that DeForest Kelly kept on blowing the name of the creature and he kept on calling it, Mugato so they went with that name.
lynngdance ELEANOR 11 months ago
Yup! 😝🤣
Kergooliewyn 12 months ago
7/10 love Trek, but far from a Trekkie. Saw the original back....well, when it was original, and now it's on past my bedtime.
ClassicTVnut 12 months ago
10/12. Well, looks like I won't get beamed out into space anytime soon.
TheDavBow3 12 months ago
9/12. Maybe a good Trekkie but not a true Trekkie 😉
KJExpress 12 months ago
10/12. I got #'s 4 and 12 wrong. Got mixed up with Klingon vs. Romulan vessels. 😔
…I only got 3 correct and they were guesses too ☺️😆
TSeym22 KJExpress 11 months ago
Exactly the same.
AnnieS KJExpress 11 months ago
That did not look like a bird of prey to me.
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