How many ''years young'' were these Sixties actors when they played the same roles decades later?

These stars proved age is just a number…but which number exactly?


The 1960s really had some of the best TV shows around. It’s easy to see why fans were clamoring to watch their favorite characters reunite in the years after each program ended. A steady stream of TV specials, sequel series, and in Star Trek’s case theatrical films, began debuting in the late 1970s and continued all the way through the early 90s. 

Here are some of our favorite Sixties stars playing their most famous characters years after their original show aired. Can you guess how old (or young) each actor was in each later installment?

  1. Raymond Burr was 40 when Perry Mason began. In the TV movie Perry Mason Returns he was...
  2. Leonard Nimoy was 35 when Star Trek began. In the movie Star Trek III: The Search for Spock he was...
  3. Jerry Mathers was 9 when Leave it to Beaver began. In the TV movie Still the Beaver he was...
  4. Eva Gabor was 46 when Green Acres began. In the TV movie Return to Green Acres she was...
  5. James Garner was 29 when Maverick began. In the series Bret Maverick he was...
  6. Don Knotts was 36 when The Andy Griffith Show began. In the TV movie Return to Mayberry he was...
  7. Bob Denver was 29 when Gilligan's Island began. In the TV special The Harlem Globetrotters on Gilligan’s Island he was...
  8. The Beverly Hillbillies premiered on Donna Douglas' 30th birthday. In the TV movie The Return of the Beverly Hillbillies she was...
  9. James Arness was 32 when Gunsmoke began. In the last Gunsmoke TV movie Gunsmoke: One Man’s Justice he was...
  10. Robert Conrad was 30 when The Wild Wild West began. In the TV movie The Wild Wild West Revisited he was...

How many ''years young'' were these Sixties actors when they played the same roles decades later?

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plucky 22 months ago
I think its time for Andy Griffith to move on there is way too much of him.
FLETCH 22 months ago
Raymond Burr was 40 when Perry Mason began? That really surprised me, I figured he was younger.

I thought he was very dashing and handsome in the first few seasons of the show.
DethBiz 22 months ago
7 out of 10. Surprised I got fouled up with James Arness.
graceful1970 22 months ago
You got 2 out of 10
Looks like these actors' ages escaped you. Would it be cheating to phone a friend?
Rooster1959 22 months ago
Got a few [guessed] and then blew it completely and gave up.
RCChafin 22 months ago
I was just guessing. I never saw Return to Mayberry or One Man’s Justice. I will watch for them on MeTV. 4 out of 10 not good score, but now I have something to watch for on MeTV.
leebillyold 22 months ago
harlow1313 leebillyold 20 months ago
Hooray for White Jesus! He's the bestest Jesus!
LynCarceo 22 months ago
3/10, and those were guesses. I had no idea.
Moverfan 22 months ago
I realize they're looking for numbers, but I think two of these questions need to have a fourth choice added. In Gunsmoke: One Man's Justice, James Arness was Marshal Dillon (a bit obvious, but still...) and in Return To Green Acres, Miss Eva was still a stunningly beautiful lady. (And Mr. Nimoy was Spock and so on...and so on...)
frenchman71 22 months ago
9/10. The reason I did so well is I knew what year every show came out, except for "Maverick". I had to guess what year the reunion show came out but I got most of them right.
rayb1201 22 months ago
I guess the SWAG system doesn't work out to well. (Swag scientific wild ass guess) got only 4 out of the 10.
Moverfan rayb1201 22 months ago
So did I. But I was always too interested in whichever show I was watching to care how old anybody was.
oldmoe51 22 months ago
Missed a few second guessing myself
Bobkat1975 22 months ago
Tough one for me...only 2 out of 10. Oh well, better luck next time.
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